6 May 2022


Witness to The Past

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What are the various clerical stereotypes presented?

The man of religion is depicted as poor in material possessions but rich in matters of religion and holy thoughts as well as in patience and devotion to Christ where he practiced what he preached. Moreover, he was learned , an aspect that enabled him to preach the gospel as well as earn income that he would share with poor parishioners .Similarly, the nun is presented as modest in her manner of doing everything right from her smiling to her manners at the dining table where she observed utmost restraint and courtesy for everyone to emulate. On the contrary, the monk had abandoned the age old wisdom of the monks and had embraced new world manners where his riding was loud and unlike other monks who spent years confined studying, he labored with his hands and ate of his sweat. 

How is the merchant portrayed?

The merchant is portrayed as a shrewd man who through his wits kept profits flowing in his economic activities such as money changing as well as in his trade affairs. Furthermore, he is depicted a s a meticulous man in that he governed his economic activities so well that he was never in debt. He is also depicted as a boastful man as he bragged about all the times that he won profits and never made loss and his opinions were generally geared toward self-praise. 

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