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Your life is somewhere in a database

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A heated debate has been witnessed over the recent years on the level of confidentiality records of various individuals are being handled with. There are different views among people on whether criminal, financial, insurance and telephone records should be shared or not. 

In my opinion, records concerning criminal, finances, insurance and telephone should be kept away from public. Financial, insurance, and telephone records should be completely confidential and should never be shared with any other party unless there is a formal permission from the owner or if there is a security reason for sharing such information. Crime records, on the other hand, can be shared among security agencies for the purpose of tracking crime record of an individual if need be and using that information to make an informed decision on a person based on records. Moreover, the information regarding crime can cross the border and may be utilized by international security agencies such as Interpol for purposes of safety (Blankley, 2004). 

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Information of an individual regarding telephone, insurance and financial status of a person should be handled by telephone companies, insurance companies, and banks respectively and availed to the security agencies only on request or after formal permission from the owner has been obtained. 

For those who have committed a crime however, all the information should be shared by the people who are responsible for the records such as financial institutions, insurance companies, and even telephone companies because they are required to bringing the perpetrator to justice. This can be done even without the permission of the owner being obtained. However, the information of those who have not been paroled should not be made public to avoid the former convicts being victimized or stigmatized for their past mistakes. 


Blankley, K. M. (2004). Are Public Records Too Public-Why Personally Identifying Information Should Be Removed from Both Online and Print Versions of Court Documents. Ohio St. LJ , 65, 413.

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