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A Paris Museum and New York Museum

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Nontraditional or applied words of art 

These four paintings by Cy Twombly at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, titled The Four Seasons: Spring, summer, Autumn and Winter, were made between 1993-94 using house paint, crayon, and graphite pencil   and primed canvases. 

The artistic design of the paintings makes qualifies them to be nontraditional art, as they are skillfully painted using different materials to bring a bout. From their look, one can conclude that a mere artist without an artistic education can hardly produce such paintings, with such attractive color combinations to bring out a beautiful theme to the onlookers admiration. 

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The purpose of the art was intended to be used as interior decoration materials. The paintings meet the intended purpose since they were painted to reflect beautiful themes that are attractive in a way that they complement each other. The names given to the paintings, that is the four seasons can be reflected in the paintings is keenly examined. 

This painting by Jean Metzinger in Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, is called  L'Oiseau Bleu which means the blue bird was created in March 2014 using oil on canvas. 

The great composition of the painting qualifies it to be nontraditional. It comprises of three nude women and three birds, one of which is blue in color. The basic technique used by Jean to communicate his massage is unique in the way different colors are used to bring out a distinct though hidden message to his fans. 

The purpose of the painting was to communicate several ideas to the public. The painting depicts of wealth and urbanism by the use of bathers, fan, mirror, ibis, necklace, a boat with water, foliage  which were regarded as the urban fashion. Also it shows compassion as one woman holds the blue bird affectionately with her two hands. The ibis bird symbolizes fashion, as its feathers were largely use by costume designers in their work. 

A Simple Homestead 

Doing painting or any other artwork out of own imagination, make one feel great and creative. A successful and a well organized result of a painting motivate one to even do more towards the improvement of the skills. In this painting, I used a plain paper, pencil and crayon because they were cheap and locally available. I choose the title of the painting to be “A Simple Homestead” because it shows a setting of simple home with only two houses and a compound. 

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