13 Dec 2022


What is Gentrification? Causes, Effects & Solutions

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Gentrification refers to the conversation of farm buildings to dwelling places. The wealthy people mostly do gentrification by moving in from the outside community leading to the rise of the socio- economic status of the settlements. For instance, the community moves from a working class to a middle class. In addition, gentrification leads to a change of purpose or function of the community. Therefore, it is clear that Boston has gone through a considerable degree of gentrification 

There are many people moving from the outside community into Boston. Boston was a working class, pensions and retirements were never heard. However, as the population increased, income for individuals to live in Boston increased (Uzun, 2013). The increase in the living condition has been caused by the increase in price essential commodities like food staff. In addition, the gentrification of Boston has led to the long- term employees leaving their non- profits in Boston which are hurting their business. Gentrification in Boston has also led to an increase in the rent due to the demand for housing. For instance, the senior citizens who used to live in the same unit for years stand being evacuated as their rent fall below the market rate. Besides, gentrification in Boston has led to food insecurity as the farmhouses are now been used for dwelling, which has considerably affected the farmers who opt to move from the area due to an increase in the living standard (Zukin, 2017). 

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In conclusion, gentrification in Boston has led to adverse effects like food insecurity, homelessness due to the increase in rents, increase in the price of commodities, which is making live in Boston too expensive, and finally the decline in agricultural activities due to limited space for agricultural practices, which has led to urban gardening to cover up the food insecurities. 


Zukin, S. (2017). Gentrification: culture and capital in the urban core.  Annual Review of Sociology 13 (1), 129-147. 

Uzun, C. (2013). The impact of urban renewal and gentrification on urban fabric: three cases in Boston.  Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie 94 (3), 363-375. 

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