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What is Team Learning?

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Teamwork is becoming paramount in organizations to achieve their objectives, but there are concerns that collaboration may limit individuals from reaching their career goals. Most teams are based on ensuring that a person sacrifices his/her goals towards the success of the team but this notion is misplaced or those who use it in that way, lack the knowledge of using teamwork to serve both the individual and team’s objectives. Team learning is an improvement of the traditional teamwork behaviors since it is dependent on tapping the potential of different minds without limiting individual creativity. Team learning is thus based on establishing creative tension to enhance innovation and creativity within the team. According to Fritz as quoted by Duncan, (2010), creative tension relies on the principle that tension seeks resolution. It is natural to the human mind when faced with a challenge to try to establish a way to solve the problem. The left hemisphere being the part responsible for solving problems will only involve the right hemisphere in addressing the challenges that it is unable to resolve (Duncan, 2010).

Team learning can be challenging if the leader is not conversant with the strategy and may disadvantage the organization. The development of creative tension should be based on questioning, diversity, communication, and learning review. During the first phase, the leader should involve the entire team. The stage involves the leader making the vision, mission, and objectives known to all. The team will then analyze where they are and how far they are from the targets set (Information Resources Management Association. 2012). The team members will then be involved in the discussion and innovative ways to solve the challenge. The tension created by the difference between the current state and the objectives will create pressure and enable creativity of all members thus ensure that the team can inspect, develop, organize and set the strategy to use (In Erbe, 2014). Diversity limits stagnation and enhances diversified thinking thus the leader should value and promote diversity within the team.

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Due to the challenges brought by diversity, effective strategies to promote diversity, for instance, multicultural organizational culture would benefit strong interaction within the team. Creative tension leads to competitive nature and may hinder effective communication hence the need to establish efficient communication to limit the conflict within the team members. Once effective communication is realized, the team will be able to review their progress and learning (In Erbe, 2014). By using these processes, the team will be motivated to work together towards achieving the objectives and visions of the team without having to limit individual's creativity.


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