14 May 2022


Pros and Cons of Cancer Treatment

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The project is about the pros and cons associated with the treatment of cancer patients. Patients who have cancer may benefit from the advantages of cancer treatment and suffer the consequences of the treatment procedure.

Cancer treatment involves chemotherapy. The treatment of cancer patients offers a variety of advantages. Firstly, chemotherapy is likely to eradicate any chances of cancer. When individuals undergo chemotherapy, the cells may be destroyed to a point one is cancer-free. Chemotherapy may suppress the cancerous cells, thus allow some individuals to live longer than expected (Heidari, 2019). Several patients have battled cancer through chemotherapy. Once the cancer cells are destroyed, the patient can live cancer-free. One is likely not to get the reoccurrence of cancer having undergone cancer treatment procedures. Therefore, cancer treatment could be beneficial for patients who seek treatment in the early stages of the disease. Consequently, it is valid to conclude that cancer can be treated effectively if detected early. Also, cancer treatment can help cancer patients live longer. When seeking cancer treatment options, patients should seek assistance from health professionals who understand cancer in great lengths — such experts advise the best treatment options available.

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Cancer treatment also has its cons. Several side effects are associated with the treatment of cancer that patients who have undergone the therapy complain about, according to Heidari 2019. The first side effect is fatigue. Cancer patients complain of fatigue some days before chemotherapy and shortly after the procedure. The patients complain of excess tiredness; the state could continue up to moths unless fatigue treatment measures are taken. Diarrhea is the other significant effects of chemotherapy drugs. These drugs make an individual have constant diarrhea for extended periods. Patients are advised to take lots of fluid to avoid being dehydrated. The other effect of chemotherapy is making someone sick. Chemotherapy makes an individual feel ill and vomit continuously. The condition also makes people lose appetite. If the side effects persist, one should seek medical attention from physicians.

The reason why I chose to address the pros and cons of cancer treatment is because the disease is affecting many people in the world. It would be necessary for individuals to have information about the procedure.


Heidari, A. (2019). Clinical and medical pros and cons of human cancer cells’ enzymotherapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy process under synchrotron radiation: a case study on mechanism of action and their side effects.  Parana Journal of Science and Education (PJSE)–v 5 , 1-23.

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