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Adult Development and Aging in U.S.

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The United States of America has the third largest population in the globe. Its population is about 4.5% of the whole world. The 2010 population has doubled from the 1952 population. It has also become quantitatively different to what it was in the 1950s .The number of women is greater than the number of men in the United States. Despite the increase in population in the United States the population of the less developed countries and those that have high fertility rate have been increasing more than that of the United States (Gilford, 1988). The population is estimated to grow up to 440 million people by the year 2050.The urban area's population is growing at a faster rate than the rural areas in the United States. The older population of people from 65 years and above has been increasing rapidly. The population is also becoming more diverse due to immigration and the fact that the major ethnic and racial groups have different rates of aging which mostly depend on mortality, fertility, and immigration. It is important to learn about the demographic rate as it helps in formulating policies such as retirement, work and pensions, private wealth and income security and also in healthcare the healthcare sector. 

Biological Age 

My biological age is 18 years which is 6 years younger than my chronological age of 24 years. Most of the factors that contribute to a younger biological age are Low-stress levels, the number of water glasses taken daily, blood pressure level, the fact that I do not take alcohol or smoke cigarettes, the size of my body and my level of education. In order to slow down my biological age it is recommended that I should sleep for regular hours, eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables on daily basis, have more friends or join a group or a social network of like-minded people who can be of support and also try learning new skills (Alonso-Fernández, Maté, & Fuente, 2011). 

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Alonso-Fernández, P., Maté, I., &Fuente, M. (2011). Neutrophils in biological age and longevity (1st ed.). New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 

Gilford, D. (1988). The aging population in the twenty-first century (1st ed.). Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. 

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