6 Aug 2022


How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Your Business

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Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1 

SWOT Analysis 


Strong communication skills 

Strong creativity and analytical skills 

I am able to think critically 

I have emotional intelligence, which helps me to relate with different people and in different environments. This also helps me work well when part of a team 

Good presentation skills 


Managing stress and tension is somewhat a challenge for me 

I often tend to procrastinate 

I tend to be independent and critical of myself 

I sometimes find aspects of bias after I have made decisions 


Various circumstances call for fair-minded thinking 

Learning environments are increasingly diverse 

Learning opportunities in stress management 

Opportunities to engage and collaborate more with others 

There are opportunities to reinforce or modify knowledge and skills 


Social influence 

The issue of implicit bias in making decisions especially when there are underlying stereotypes 

Fast-changing environments and new trends that might make some knowledge obsolete. The transferability of such knowledge-based skills may be put to risk 






I intend to use my emotional intelligence as I work, study, and travel in diverse environments around the world. 

I could use my creativity and critical thinking skills to take on stress-management activities 

Challenge myself as I embrace personal development through change of thinking and learning behavior 


Resolve to be open-minded in problem solving and decision-making Respect others’ views while I also embrace collaboration in thinking and learning 
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Five Strategies for Moving Forward 

Critique of ideas: it is important to analyze new ideas from different points of view 

Elaborating learned information: this will help to draw connections with various content, new ideas, and concepts 

Relate abstract details to specific real-life examples. 

Embrace collaborative learning and diversity while doing the same 

Make time for fun, connecting with others, and self-reflection. This is a good strategy for managing stress while experiencing healthy interactions. 

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