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Alcohol Addiction: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

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What should we know about alcoholism? This problem is also known as Alcohol Use Disease (AUD) and affects both mental and psyhical health. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there were approximately 3.3 million deaths caused by alcohol in the world; roughly 3% of Earth population are addicted to alcohol. In this essay, I want to compare three countries (the USA, the UK, and Sweden) that have different population and rates of addicted people (Bar Chart 1, Bar Chart 2) and discuss the difference in these rates. 


From the information depicted on the Bar Charts, we can compare the amount of addicted people in three countries. There are 15, 2 million addicted people in the USA, 3, 8 million in the United Kingdom, and 0, 5 million in Sweden. Today, all these countries are developed and possess good economic conditions. Still, they have almost the same percentage rate of addicted people (4, 7% for both the US and Sweden, and 5, 9% for the UK). By comparing developed and undeveloped countries, we can conclude that the standards and living conditions, distribution policies, health treatment, and prevention activities are the most common factors that influence a prevalence of alcoholism in the various countries. So, it is clear that the underdeveloped countries may have higher rates of addicted people than developed ones. For example, Sweden have 4, 7% (about 0, 5 million) addicted population with it $54, 629 nominal GDP per capita and Hungary has 19, 3% (about 1, 9 million) alcoholics with its $13,487 nominal GDP. If we go deeper, we can find more distincts between these countries. Educational level is very high in Sweden, but Hungary has the medium level. In terms of religion, Hungary keeps to Christianity (52, 9%), unlike Sweden with 85% of population being atheists. 

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According to ATLAS of Substance Use Disorders from (WHO), there are differences between these two counties in Resources for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders. Unlike Sweden, Hungary does not provide any alcohol epidemiological data collection system or abuse policy. 

In the end, I want to notice that government policy plays an important role in preventing and reducing alcoholic obsession. Being an authoritative person, I would provide the following strategies: 

increased taxes for alcohol, 

limited time for sale of alcoholic beverages, 

warnings implemented in media companies and advertising, 

prohibitions of alcohol sponsorship of public events. 

As a healthcare counselor, first of all I would offer detoxification for alcohol addicted person, and then a behavioral counseling must follow. It includes a motivational interview, family therapy, and cognitive therapy. 


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