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Analysis of Scientific Research

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Science plays important role in the daily life of human beings. It also helps in the generation of new knowledge and discoveries that make human life easier and bridges the gap perception and truth. The paper focuses on science by evaluating how scientific knowledge is more powerful than other forms of knowledge and the basic steps of the scientific method. 

Question 1 

Scientific knowledge refers to knowledge that is generated through a systematic study and organized based on general principles. Scientific knowledge is more powerful that other form of knowledge due to various reasons. First, unlike other forms of knowledge like intuition and tradition, as it helps in clear communication of knowledge and it assists in bridging the gap between general perception or stereotypes and the truth (Hoover & Donovan, 2011). The world is full of personal opinions, knowledge, stereotypes, and cultural beliefs that may prevent people from knowing the truth. However, with the use of scientific knowledge, people are able to acquire information that is based on evidence. As a result, it can enable individuals and society at large to control opinions that may not be truthful. Therefore, it helps controlling fallacy that may bring conflicts among individuals and groups. 

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In addition, scientific knowledge is more powerful than other types of knowledge because it helps people to satisfy their curiosity and attain a clear understanding of various issues affecting them in their environments. Due to lack of full information and knowledge, individuals are always curious to understand various phenomena in a society, which is not possible through the use of tradition or intuition knowledge (Hoover & Donovan, 2011). Nevertheless, scientific knowledge gives clear information and understanding unclear phenomena that may lead to curiosity and uncertainty. Therefore, scientific knowledge helps people to cope with various uncertainties and vital realities of life. 

However, there are some of the scientific knowledge that may interfere with its objectivity and impartiality. The first limitation is biased judgment. Scientific knowledge is generated by humans who are not perfect and can be biased. Biased judgment affects the objectivity of scientific knowledge. The second limitation is a personal opinion that may be based on discrimination and may be influenced by other social issues. 

Question 2 

Scientific method generally refers to a broad framework for studying and learning about phenomena in a scientific manner. The Scientific method has five main stages. The first step is the identification of objects or variables to be studied (Hoover & Donovan, 2011). Through critical observation, researchers are able to come up with objects that are worth studying. Hence, the scientific method starts with the observation of variables or phenomena to be investigated. The second step is to hypothesize the relationship between the identified variables. Hypotheses are formed to provide clear direction to further scientific direction. It helps the researcher to predict the relationship between variables. 

Conducting actual experiment is the third stage of the scientific method. The designed hypotheses must be tested through carefully designed and controlled experiment. The experiment is the most important step of the scientific method (Hoover & Donovan, 2011). The stage also involves measuring of variables. The fourth steps involve the analysis of the measured relationship between the identified variables. The stage involved data analysis that helps in answering the research questions and drawing conclusions. The stage also involves the generalization of findings. The last stage involves the provision of recommendations on the theoretical significance of the results and other factors that may interfere with the findings. The five stages are important for any scientific method. 


Hoover, K. R., & Donovan, T. (2011). The elements of social scientific thinking . Boston, Wadsworth Cengage Learning. 

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