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Annotation of a Qualitative Research Article

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The traditional teaching methods are less engaging to a learner. Scholars argue that effective learning should involve learners more in classroom activities. This would promote content learning and the acquisition of essential skills. Critics of the traditional teaching approaches argue that it is inadequate since it is teacher-centred and passive. A remedy to this inadequacy, according to studies, would be the adoption of active learning strategies. Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) have been found to promote the active participation of learners in classrooms. 

Article Annotation 

Gordy, X. Z., Jones, E. M., & Bailey, J. H. (2018). Technological Innovation or Educational Evolution? A Multi-disciplinary Qualitative Inquiry into Active Learning Classrooms. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 18(2), 1-23. 

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In this research article, Gordy, Jones and Bailey sought to understand the impact that ALCs had on teaching and learning. The authors pursued their research from the perspective of the students and the faculty. According to the research findings, ALCs have a significant impact on teaching and learning processes. Gordy and others found that ALC made teaching and learning more enjoyable to both the faculty and the learners, respectively. Further, ALCs increased student's interaction as they encouraged group activity. Also, active learning stimulated the development of creative ideas. The physical features of the learning space were found to have a considerable impact on teaching and learning. A positive environment was found to improve teaching and learning effectiveness. According to the research, a positive environment improved classroom interaction and student engagement. It also enhanced the efficacy of group activities and creativity. All these are crucial components of active learning. 

The research was much informed by previous studies done on the ALCs. The previous analysis was primarily quantitative as they focused on statistical data on various variables, such as graduation rates and course grades. Gordy and others, however, use a more qualitative approach to investigate the impact of ALCs on teaching and learning processes. The researchers used the triangulation approach in data collection to ensure the internal validity of the research. Educational experiences of both the faculty and learners in active learning settings were investigated. The researchers also used open-ended questions to collect qualitative data. The open-ended questions allow the participants to describe their experiences extensively. The study also investigated as a single phenomenon, the impact of ALCs on teaching and learning processes. The phenomenon was investigated from the viewpoint of the learners and the faculty. 

The research is relevant in the contemporary education field since it emphasizes the significance of embracing active learning. The article identifies several potential benefits of adopting a learner-centred approach in teaching and learning. The article would, therefore, be a crucial reference point for learning institutions that have not adopted Active Learning Classrooms. The influence of a positive learning environment, for instance, was the subject of study in this research. Adjustment of the physical features in the learning space was found to improve the learning and teaching experience significantly. The study would, therefore, encourage learning institutions to embrace active learning techniques. Student engagement and satisfaction would thus be improved. The article is also relevant to other researchers as it opens an avenue to approach the issue more qualitatively. Researchers in the past mostly used quantitative approaches to study the impact of ALCs. The research article, however, uses a different approach that is more focused on the experiences of the learners and faculty in active learning environments. The article, therefore, forms a basis for future qualitative studies on other scopes of ALCs. 

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