2 Jun 2022


Application to University Based On Hockey Achievement

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I wish to apply for a scholarship that will be of help to me while pursuing my MBA program at your university. If granted the opportunity for further studies at your institution, it will indeed be a remarkable step for me towards realizing my dreams. Over the past, I have overwhelmingly proven hardworking and dedicated through my studies and other co-curricular activities that I believe places me in a prime position to excel further if awarded the opportunity. The instance here is very evident with my recent victory in the Moscow hockey cup where I was playing the professional ice hockey. 

From your latest scholarship advertisement, I found it requiring with added advantage with excellence in hockey games. Indeed I would be grateful if my resume is given consideration for the opportunity to my previous excellent performance in the Moscow Hockey Cup where I emerged the best. Likewise, you will realize that my passion for hockey and also an athlete have enabled me to emerge successful in this field. Added to the same, I believe that the experience I come with will be of great help to the university especially when it comes to assisting the coaching staff with the skills I have gained so far in the game. 

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For the past six seasons as the hockey player in Moscow, our club only managed to lose three times out of sixty games we participated. I managed to score thirty goals in those games. The success highlighted here has been because of clear communication with fellow team players both in training session and also the availability of materials that needed for improvement skills and techniques of playing the game. As a player, I was also engaged in the private training program where in this regard has been a significant boost in keeping me fit all the time thus recording the success attained. 

On leadership qualities, despite by a player, I was able to engage my fellow teammates in fitness training programs deemed fit for playing hockey. On the same note, I also formulated and ensured the implementation of an extensive training program that has so far led to the club to lose only very few games within the six-year period; that is recording three losses as already said before. The aspect of being defensive leads to being victorious in many games. Likewise, since I hail from a background those champions for training as the option for defense, I believe in this regard that I am very much ready to be a leader from the front. 

Shifting from Moscow to your institution during this program yet comes with a bigger challenge. However, I remain fully prepared to it despite also coming with other related strains. I will strive to do my best to achieve all that is required in both my studies and hockey activities so that in the end I maintain a winning spirit in both of them. 

As a confirmed winner cum motivator as well as with excellent personal attributes or characters, I aim at the addition of quality dynamics that will lead to the production of a winning team. Meanwhile, I am all time available tom be contacted anytime concerning this opportunity 

Thank you in advance for your humble consideration as I seek to share with you soon. 


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