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Arguments for and Against Use of Vaccinations

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Vaccination refers to the administration of antigenic materials, also known as a vaccine with the aim of stimulating one’s immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a specific pathogen (Neustaedter, 2012). Notably, vaccines are instrumental in preventing or ameliorating morbidity from particular infections. Admittedly, after a sufficiently large percentage of a specific population has undergone vaccination, the results are termed as herd immunity. Some of the main types of vaccines include live, attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines, subunit vaccines, toxoid vaccines, and conjugate vaccines (Neustaedter, 2012). Despite the strong arguments for the vaccination process, some argue that vaccinations should not be conducted since they lead to different body complications among other reasons. The following paper seeks to provide an argument for and against vaccination. However, the paper posits that vaccinations should be encouraged in the society to prevent human beings from being infected or affected by various diseases. 

One of the main arguments for the vaccination is that children lives could be saved (Dietert, 2010). The advocates of this argument note that since there has been considerable advances in medical science, children are always protected against many diseases than in the previous times. Notably, some ailments that once killed and injured thousands of children across the world are now being eliminated through vaccinations while other diseases are in the process of extinction due to the application of safe and effective vaccines (Neustaedter, 2012). An example of a disease that has been eliminated in some countries such as the United States is polio. In America’s case, polio was being feared by the majority of people some years back due to the death and paralysis it used to cause. However, it is critically important to note that in some countries, this disease has not yet been eliminated. Based on such example, the supporters of vaccination efforts argue that such efforts should be encouraged throughout the world and in every community to save lives. 

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Unlike the arguments against vaccination, those who argue for it observe that it is not only effective but also safe (Dietert, 2010). According to this argument, vaccines are only administered to individuals after a careful and lengthy review by doctors, scientists, as well as other healthcare practitioners. At the same time, vaccines may always entail some discomfort which may sometimes be accompanied by pain, tenderness, and redness of the place of injection. However, the proponents of this argument note that these are minimal experiences compared to the trauma, pain, and discomfort that may be experienced when one becomes a victim of these diseases. Notably, serious side effects of vaccination such as allergic reactions are usually rare. 

Moreover, through immunization, one is able to protect other people. In the United States, for instance, there have been cases of whooping cough as well measles in the past few years (Dietert, 2010). For example, since 2010, statistics have shown between ten thousand and fifty thousand cases of whooping cough each year are reported. Moreover, close to twenty thousand babies die each year since they are too young to be vaccinated (Neustaedter, 2012). While some children may be too young to have a vaccination for protection, others may not receive vaccination due to allergies or weakened immune systems from issues such as leukemia. Therefore, it is advisable that for those who can be vaccinated, be fully immunized to protect others. 

The advocates for immunization also argue that it can save one’s family money and time (Dietert, 2010). Notably, a child who may be having a vaccine-preventable health issue may be denied attendance at educational or child care facilities. According to them, vaccine-preventable diseases have been known to result in prolonged disabilities as well as taking a financial toll due to lost time at work, bills on medical issues or long-term care on disabilities (Romm, 2015). However, when one is vaccinated against such diseases, it becomes a good investment which is often covered by insurance. 

Finally, some argue that through vaccination, future generations are protected (Dietert, 2010). Notably, Vaccines are continuing to influence the reduction and in some cases elimination of many diseases that were severely disabling or killing people a few generations ago. Vaccination against smallpox, for instance, led to the eradication of this disease across the world. In this case, one’s child does not need to get a vaccine against smallpox since the disease does not exist in many countries. On the same breath, the risk that pregnant women may pass rubella virus to newborn or fetus has reduced dramatically due to vaccination. Therefore, if vaccination of such diseases continues, future parents may not have to worry about some diseases at all. 

Despite clear evidence of the effectiveness of vaccines, those against it have argued that since the effectiveness rates range between 90-95%, they cannot be fully relied upon (Neustaedter, 2012). By protecting about ninety percent of the population, there is a margin of five percent who will likely get the diseases (Ashcroft, 2007). Therefore, they argue that the thought that the population is a hundred percent protected is false. In addition, some have argued that people have different levels of susceptibility due to different social, physical and economic determinants of health. 

Apparently, the arguments for the vaccination are stronger than against it since they are based on scientific evidence and reliable data. Evidently, it has been shown that a disease such as polio could be eliminated through vaccination. 


Based on the above arguments, it is clear that vaccination should be encouraged. Through vaccination, lives, time and money have been saved. Therefore, this paper supports the arguments for the vaccinations. 


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