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Attractiveness related to employability

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Recruitment and selection of best candidates for specific job positions are dependent on divergent factors. Although job advertisements do not mention the issue of attractiveness or lack of it, good looks have proven to play a role both negatively and positively for the applicants (Ruffle & Shtudiner, 2014, p. 1770). The sociology theory aid in understanding such phenomenon and trends in the society. There are situations where looks favor men over women job applicants while in other circumstances, employers seek to invite for interviews, candidates who do not include their image in their resumes. To some plausible levels, there is a connection between attractiveness and employability. 

The perception that ‘What is beautiful is good’ has worked in favor of physically-attractive job seekers (Grant & Mizzi, 2014, p. 358). Good-looking people are often thought to be leading happy lives, have desirable spouses, make more money, go on dates often, and therefore would be productive at the workplace. According to Ruffle, and Shtudiner (2014, p. 1772), the most perturbing of these perceptions is that the physically attractive people get quick promotions and pay rise especially in companies that do the direct hiring. These assumptions make employers hire unqualified applicants and leave out the unattractive who would have worked better. 

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Managerial jobs are likely to favor good-looking men compared to good-looking females. Consequently, attractive females are more likely to be considered for clerical jobs (Ruffle, & Shtudiner, 2014, p. 1770). In their application for job vacancies, both unattractive and attractive males do not shy away from including their pictures in the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Unattractive females tend not to include their pictures in their CV compared to the attractive ones. Maryam, and Aiman (2013, p. 53) state that most of the no-picture CV females receive job interviews invitations more than those who attached their photos to the CV. This may also be a result of other requirements such as job experience and level of education. 

Selecting a candidate for a job based on good looks may be detrimental or beneficial to the company. First, with the notion of ‘beauty pays,’ physically attractive employees who interact one on one with clients are likely to increase sales, by attracting more people to the company (Maryam, 2013, p.360). This explains why attractive people may be paid more than the unattractive ones, doing the same jobs. The physically attractive may cost the company a great deal if they only utilize their looks and not their intelligence. Ruffle, and Shtudiner (2014, p. 1774) postulate that the stereotype of ‘dumb-blonde’ makes employers reluctant in settling for attractive people for employment. This is because they are believed to be lazy, and would want only to use their looks to scale the career heights. 

Employability and attractiveness is a double-sided factor in the job market. Both the applicants and the employer are likely to benefit or lose if good looks would be used as a basis for recruitment and employment. For the advancement of any company’s goals, and objectives, it is necessary that other factors other than looks to be considered thoroughly. Good looks are often associated with the arrogance where individuals feel that they deserve the best outcomes compared to the unattractive individuals. Fair recruitment and selection process would ensure that a company gets the best performer for given job vacancies. While some particular jobs such as sales agents, customer care, and receptionist need some complimenting attractiveness, looks should not be the main factor for consideration. 


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