12 Apr 2022


Automatic Voter Registration Laws

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The automatic voter registration allows individuals to register as voters while interacting with the federal and state agencies. Before the introduction of the automatic voter registration, the burden of voting was often placed on various individuals. I am in support of the automatic voter registration since it would include other registration aspects such as the online registration of voters that would allow individuals to update personal information such as their current addresses. Some of the pros of the automatic voter registration are that the automatic voter registration allows a central government to register all the eligible citizens once they reach the age in which they are allowed to vote automatically. The process would be accomplished through a constant review of the government databases to keep track of the people eligible to vote. Besides that, the citizens that may not want to vote would opt out during the process of voters' registration.

The automatic voter registration would help save time for the citizens through the elimination of the need of a voter to fill out any form required for them to be officially registered as voters. The automatic voter registration is accomplished through the tying of the electorate' registration to the various government databases such as the information on tax and address information amongst others. Importantly, the voter registration process would help in increasing voter turnout. In most cases, once a person has attained the age required to vote by a state, the government automatically registers the person as a voter unless the individual opts-out. In addition to that, most people fail to register themselves as voters since they lack time to do so since the traditional voter registration requires filling in of some forms for one to become a registered voter. The automatic voter registration saves time as compared to the conventional method and is likely to increase the voters' turnout.

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