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Bodyguards: What You Need to Know

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Personal protection specialists traditionally referred to as ‘bodyguards’ are professionals who are contracted to assure the safety of others. They are usually highly skilled and highly experienced professionals who protect high-value targets from danger. To be effective in the execution of their tasks, personal protection specialists must possess skills in the use of firearms, hand to hand combat, tactical driving as well as knowledge of first aid. Their roles entail providing protective detail, crowd control, identifying routes to use, conducting a risk assessment, advance reconnaissance, protective driving and surveillance ( Camilleri et al., 2015). 

Being a protection specialist can be fascinating. For instance, if you have a client that travels, one gets the opportunity to visit different areas that they would normally not visit. Some employers are generous, and they tend to allow one to have a taste of their glamorous life as you watch over them. Furthermore, if one does an excellent job, you enjoy the benefit of having famous or influential individuals as references. Additionally, for some people, protecting others offers them a lot of satisfaction, while for others mundane low-risk assignments allow them to do the only job they know without risking their lives (Barratt, 2014). 

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On the contrary, working as a personal protection specialist can put one’s life in danger especially when the employer engages in illegal or unethical activities. There is the ever-present risk of being wounded in the line of duty or even losing their life. Furthermore, sometimes the work entails long hours of being alert and standing for long hours with hardly any time to enjoy a meal. The assignments can also range from mundane jobs such as dropping off and picking up the client’s children to watching over them as they enjoy themselves in parties. In the line one’s duty, sometimes clients will at times require one to carry out chores that are outside their job description like answering phone calls, making reservations, serving drinks or moving luggage with little to no appreciation. Besides, some clients have an unpredictable schedule which means as a protective specialist; one is always required to be ready to drop everything at a moment's notice to attend to a client (Barratt, 2014). 


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