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“Boyz n the Hood” director and Auteur Theory paper

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The Auteur Theory is a cinematic aspect that explains how the film director is the "author" of the film. The theory explains that artists who apply intense stylistic control over their craft use certain features like recurring, recognizable themes, accompanied by visual cues informing the producer's influential audience. A producer is identified by the uniqueness expressed in artistry works and consistency throughout the filmography. Cinematic identity is essential in filmmaking and acts as a source of inspiration to many people, mostly those passionate about filmmaking or other artistic visions. In most contemporary cinematic careers, people primarily focus on income generation rather than establishing distinctive identities to earn them customer loyalty and good customer service, which even attracts more customers from referrals and other ways. 

Vast crowds of people working together shoot large films; however, the producer is responsible for making everything is well catered for, including financial affairs. According to the auteur theory, the director of a film is like the films’ creator, in other terms like a book’s author. According to Bioglio & Pensa, (2018), the auteur theory argues that the director of a film or a movie is indeed the author because of its imprinted vision and expected impact resulting from the movie to society. The director's ability to coordinate efficiently all teams involved, including players-producers, photography directors, production designers, actors, and guests, act in the right manner by playing their roles responsibly to achieve the producer's visualized vision qualifies one to become an auteur. On the other hand, the producer must ensure all works of art like paintings and musical compositions are constructed with techniques to achieve a unique expression. 

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The fingerprints of an auteur are visually expressed in most parts of the film; essential characteristics of an auteur include; basic competency – auteur personnel should be able to create technically competent films worth conquering some of the fundamental impediments. The director, an auteur, should have a recurring signature style denoted by unique characteristics, either visual or spoken ( Bioglio & Pensa,2018 ). Lastly, a director is defined by the ability to create films with inner meanings. Steve Nicolaides is one of the few directors who have met the auteur theory criterion in the film "Boyz n the Hood." Nicolaides has achieved the grace to produce several other films, including " The Forgotten Producer” in 2004 and "A Few Good Men" made in 1992. He has embraced a unique visionary filmmaking ability to cooperate with different teams in films and embrace patterns whose creators believe are operational and expressive of their personality. 

Nicolaides used several techniques to meet the auteur theory in the films “Boyz n the Hood” and “The Forgotten Producer” as discussed below; 

As well known that making a movie is a concerted effort from various parties coming together, the producer is tasked with ensuring that these people remain to the original plan by sticking to their vision. In the two films, “Boyz n the Hood" and "The Forgotten Producer," Steve Nicolaides ensured that every scene and episode played is objective and delivers the expected message in the right manner and perspective (Carr & Singleton, 2018). Films are a possession of the director's foreseen outcome unless a few cases where things don't go as planned due to financial constraints of other influencing factors. In the first film, "Boyz n the Hood," Nicolaides, together with his fellow cast, explains the life of a boy who is sent to live with the grandfather and ends-up in a gang of young boys. With the vision in mind, the producer was able to craft the pieces and fix together the roles of different people with the director's help to attain the desired goal and objective. Secondly, during the second film production, “The Forgotten Producer” in 2004, Steve Nicolaides was in charge of other casts while planning hot to scene the story of a grieving mother who grieves her deceased son. 

Steven Nicolaides meets the criteria described by auteurs theory in filming the films as mentioned earlier by using specific techniques like; in the first film, “Boyz n the Hood," the story's setting is a unique one and reflects a cultural background relatable to the storyline. The sounds as well depict the typical lifestyle of the hood (Carr & Singleton, 2018). On the other hand, he also managed to achieve the auteur's theory criteria in the film “The Forgotten Producer" by employing crucial aspects of script production in the right manner and embracing cross-cutting themes. The film narrates the scene where the mother's son passed-on, grieving begun from that point accompanied by dull lighting that visually symbolizes a period of grief. In this manner, the producer achieves his intended roles by ensuring an adequate translation of the script's written version for the crew, casting it out at ease, and capturing the audience's feelings accordingly. 

The producer's filmmaking techniques distinguishing him from the rest of the producers include the ability to match the film's background mood in line with the storyline perspective and timely change of sounds when there is a shift of events. Sounds during film production are an essential aspect that contributes to the play or film's interpretation by the audience (Bioglio & Pensa,2018). As such, Steve Nicolaides attains to become an auteur due to his unique style of interconnecting a film's storyline, background music, setting, and lighting to acquire the film's intended vision. 

In conclusion, film producers play crucial roles in the successful production of a movie. For the films to be attractive and exciting, producers have to employ specific techniques to manipulate the way an audience responds or interprets the message. The two stories described above show efficient use of production techniques to impact the way viewers are likely to interpret the message. 


Bioglio, L., Pensa, R. (2018). Identification of key films and personalities in the history of cinema from a Western perspective. Appl Netw Sci 3, 50. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41109-018-0105-0 

Carr, J., & Singleton, J. (2018). Boyz N the Hood: Shifting Hollywood Terrain (Framing Film Book 20) . Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers; 1 edition. 

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