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Free College and University Education in the United Kingdom

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In following persuasive essay on whether the colleges and university education should be free, we focus on the following scholarly sources; Pike's journal (2005) that talks of ‘ the first and second generation college students ’, which focuses on poor and wealthy background students, a book by Bok (2009) Our underachieving colleges that focuses on sole importance of education, Braxton, Vesper & Hossler's article (1995). Expectations for college and student persistence which elaborates on the roles of students in education, a media source by James, Alsalam, Conaty & To (1989). College quality and future earnings: where should you send your child to college and a journal by Rothschild & White (1995). The analytics of the pricing of higher education and other services in which the customers are inputs, which focus on the cost of college and university education. 


For the last few decades, the cost of education has been on the rise and has had various impacts on student and families which work hard to see their children through colleges and universities. Several articles and journals have been written addressing the need of making the college and university education free across the United States of America. The findings on the researches conducted on the total expenditure by the students on tuition, and the total cost the government uses on education budget proved that the government could wholly fund education, and the student would attend colleges and universities for free courtesy of the government. 

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Education is an important tool in life in the modern world and almost rating amongst the basic need. It is evident that the educated are advantaged in securing among the best white collar, and well-paying jobs in the market. The governments should consider making the higher education free, to encourage more enrollments and increase the chances for many youths to get the required education level, and be able to compete in the job market. According to Pike & Kuh, (2005), they think that it would be great if every American could attend college. He further elaborates that, while colleges are not for everyone, work is. He says that it is not necessarily one should attend college immediately after high school. 

If the government made the public college and university education free, students from private institution would also enjoy reduced fees as the schools would consider lowering their fees to remain in the competition. (Bok, 2009). This would be ideal for students, though; it would mean more budgetary allocation by the government as the enrollments would increase significantly. This move would lead to education stabilization across the country as the more people would acquire legible education, thus increasing the workforce more productive and contribute to the economy growth. 

According to Rothschild & White, (1995), making education free across the U.S is a much easier process; by just imposing a small transaction tax to the Wall Street trades. The high education costs leave the poor students tied to the debts at the college even after completing their studies. The college education debts having passed $1 trillion marks, it is evident that the education cost is way above affordability by many students. He says that while imposing the Wall Street taxation would not be enough, the public colleges and universities need to be made free. 

The total cost of education across was estimated to be $62 million annually. To improve education standards, the government used $69 million and another $107.4 million on students' loans. According to Think Progress Bryace Covert, the government could cut its expenditure and still be able to offer free education to every student, comparing the student's spending on tuition, and the state's funding towards education. Many youths miss out college or university education due to the high costs, which leads to scarcity of skilled labor hence, the governments miss out on the revenue that is gotten from the skilled workforce, who has higher contributions to the economy, with the taxations imposed on their salaries (Rothschild & White, 1995). 


Doing away with the education would be an advantageous thing across all social and economic levels as the two are interdependent. When educated people get employed o start their ventures, it means that the revenue to the government is going to increase, thus, making college and university education free would benefit both the government and the society in equal measures. 


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