24 Aug 2022


Why I Want To Become a Physician

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A physician is a person who practices medicine dealing with treating illnesses, promoting and maintaining better health status through research and diagnosis. I want to become a physician for several reasons which would benefit patients in contemporary multicultural society. 

I want to become a physician so that I help people in a significant manner. When a person is sick, their day to day life is affected, and doctors are needed to restore the wellbeing of the person, which I want to do. Also, the career is fulfilling because it deals with an understanding of the human body. Through research, I would like to understand how the human body functions and how the medications prescribed work in tandem with the human immune system to combat ailments that patients are suffering. In addition, I want to become a physician due to the influence and respect given to medical practitioners by society. Physicians have the final say regarding patients' treatment plans, meaning that they are trusted and respected. The society also considers them to be of importance because they understand the human body. 

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In being a physician, I would bring several benefits to the medical world of today’s multicultural society. For instance, I would offer empathy to patients from different backgrounds while paying respect to their cultural beliefs. In ensuring this, I would offer holistic services to patients through the combination of medication and therapy. The multicultural society would also benefit whereby their lives would be improved. Even though some of the illnesses common today have no cure, for example, HIV/AIDS and cancer, I would make the patients live life positively, by psycho educating them about the causes and ways to cope with the conditions and continue with normal life. Therefore, becoming a physician would enable me to better the lives of patients in a multicultural society. 

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