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How to Reverse Chronic Pain in 5 Simple Steps

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Chronic pains are becoming very common in modern days. They are often caused by injuries, illnesses, surgery, or accidents. Unlike the days in the past, more people are starting to experience these pains, and they are being referred to therapists and hospitals with numerous conditions that are related to chronic pains. It even appears that traditional medicines are no longer working and people need to find a new way of healing these conditions. There are also cases of people who visit many doctors without finding cure, which leaves them devastated. In the treatment and therapy programs, doctors and therapists are expected to look at various topics such as family history of chronic pains, the magnitude of the pains and perhaps what the patients have been doing in attempts of trying to get rid of the pains.

Phillips provides a dynamic framework that joins the body and mind with the aims of speeding up the healing process of healing traumatic pains. It appears that the author has a lot of expertise in hypnosis and develops a roadmap that reverses the pain. The first step that she provides is locating the first portal to relief. This is a process that requires fewer efforts, and it is a combination of help form the patient and the therapist. The latter provides a platform for other steps. It involves providing recommendations of assuaging pain and includes interactive guided imagery, EMDR somatic experiencing and other procedures. It is also the stage where the therapists try to investigate the source of the pain. After that, the doctor proceeds to the processes of sustaining initial change. The prevision session works out fantastic and it is a requirement for the doctor to help the patient manage the pain. The medical practitioner must understand the triggers of pain. These could include inner barriers. Sustaining the pain is vital requires a better understating of the patient's emotional challenges. The step of reversing the pain entails; “(1) regulating the breath, (2) developing a felt sense of the body, (3) relaxing, (4) imagining a new inner reality, (5) becoming mindful, (6) working with the body's energies, (7) body atonement, (8) healing the unconscious connections between trauma and pain, (9) opening channels of love, and (10) building on success.” (Philips, 2017).

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Science has continuously shown that there is always a clear connection between the functioning of the brain and way the body of an average human being feels. Many people tend to use their body to help lessen psychological stress, and the opposite is true because anyone can use their mind to improve their body (Hamilton, 2010). People must understand that a simple change of how one thinks and taking control of what occupies their mind can improve their physical health and help get rid of ailments such as chronic pains. Becoming mindful is an imperative factor that helps the reversal of chronic pain. People are supposed to have a mind and body partnership that is strong in the healing of chronic pains. Patients are supposed to always stay connected top their somatic experiences if they want to heal faster and more effectively. Besides, patients are also supposed to learn how to stay away from stressful events by staying relaxed at all times. The patient in the case study managed to stay away from chronic pains because of the abilities to remain relaxed. One is supposed to learn how to stay free and in good harmony with their friends and family. Rather than just staying in argument-filled relationships, Phillips suggests a “Why not invite him to share your fantasy this weekend?" idea which would help the patient stay relaxed and happy. Having a relaxed mind provides a better pathway of healing the traumatic ailments.

Meditation is a considerable way of healing numerous diseases (Zgierska et al., 2016). The medication was a way of healing diseases in the past, but modern medicine has also taken it up, and medical practitioners are encouraging patients to meditate continuously. Firstly, when one is stressed the body releases a hormone known as Cortisol. Before meditation, cortisol levels are very high, and after several days of meditation, they reduce. As Phillips (2017) notices, stress is a significant barrier of healing in chronic pains. Taking up meditation will reduce stress, and that improves the healing process. Phillips also observes that staying relaxed is another way of healing chronic pains faster. When one is meditating, the brain releases alpha and beta waves, which are vital for the relaxation of the human mind. The alpha waves are essential as they help reduce depression and stress. Besides, during meditation, the body increases the levels of dopamine, and all that also provides a better

There are many ways through which one can heal himself or herself when faced ailments such as chronic pain. An individual performs procedures such as meditation after they learn how to undergo through them. From there, the individual starts meditating alone, and that proves to be a credible way of healing. A procedure such as regulating breathing is a plausible way of healing oneself. An individual can do this activity without much direction from the medical practitioner. Management of anger is another way of healing oneself. If one has some challenges of anger towards a spouse or a child, they must start managing that anger. It is important to find what brings or activates the anger and concentrate of having good moments with the people around them. Finally, it is also vital for one to make the right moves with their body. These procedures are related to physical exercises and losing weight. Apparently, the healing benefits of some of these methods of healing oneself are long-term. Science shows that activities such as meditation provide long-term benefits rather than short term.

The Side effects of meditation are few and vary depending on the type of meditation and the person who is meditating (Cebolla et al., 2017). For instance, Buddhists Vipassana meditation is a difficult one for extroverts. Yoga Nidra is the best for such people. When performed inappropriately it can lead to the release of hidden memories from the past such as rejection, rape, incest, and abandonment. It could also lead to feelings of guiltiness, imposingness, destructive behavior and elation among others. However, when the right and appropriate forms of meditation are carried on the right individuals the results are more favorable.

In conclusion, the following response has carefully illustrated various ways of healing oneself when facing chronic pains. The latter is a topic that is entirely supported by traditional and modern forms of medicine. It all entails the processes of using the mind to heal the body. The main idea here is to learn from a therapist the right procedures that you can take to ensure that you start healing yourself. It has used the case of Dr. Philips’ patient who showed a lot of progress from the recommendations provided. The process is long term, and anyone with issues such as chronic pain should start following the guidelines of personal healing.


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