8 May 2022


Breakthrough on Treatment for Diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the major diseases that are impacting the world population. According to a World Health Organization Report (2016) more that 500 million people are suffering from diabetes. It is reported that the global prevalence of the disease stands at around 10 percent. Moreover diabetes is closely associated to problems such as blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation. Therefore diabetes is a health menace to the world and its population. In this regard, physicians and medical experts have been putting all effort to come up with better and more effective treatment of this disease. This essay will be highlighting some of the key breakthrough for the treatment of diabetes.

The most recent breakthrough on the diabetes treatment was where medical researchers reported that it was possible to do gene transfer to increase the types of cells in the pancreases that produce insulin. Tests had been done on mice and the results were impressive; there were no visible side effects during the process and the diabetes was healed. if the gene transfer is successful to humans it will mean diabetes patients will no longer need to take insulin shots (Toto, 2017).

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The University of Southern California came with a breakthrough when they discovered that fasting periods could trigger the pancreas to regenerate itself. This means the body will have the capability to regulate blood sugars again. When there is fasting and the body is now capable of managing sugar levels it will mean diabetes problem will have been reversed. This practice is reported to be effective I treatment of both type 1 and type two diabetes (Toto, 2017).

Technology is also used in the treatment of diabetes. There has been report that apple will be launching a solution for the treatment of diabetes. In this development apple company is working on coming up with sensors that would constantly monitor blood levels to help treat diabetes. Tests have started to check the feasibility of this idea in treating diabetes. With these sensors apple products will have shining light through the skin to measure glucose levels (World Health Organization, 2016)


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