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Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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Background of qualitative analysis on breast cancer 

Breast cancer is one of the chronic viral diseases that affect the body of human beings whenever there is a disposing factor that will pave the way for it to the body. Cancer has affected people all over the world in different conditions and at different points on the body. The disease has been seen to be incurable if it advances to the late stages, but can be prevented in the initial stages. Breast cancer has commonly affected women all over the world, and it has been said to be the cause of death among the women in the world who die of cancer. It has become an issue that has not been able to be dealt with worldwide until it has been teamed as an international crisis. The disease has been said to be hereditary in the sense that, any woman who has a family history of people who had breast cancer are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer. Those without relatives with any history of cancer, their chances of getting cancer are in a way reduced compared with those who have.

Researchers have come up with various methods and theories that all try to explain how to lessen the rate at which cancer can be reduced. The researchers found data that finds an inverse relationship between active and regular participation in physical activities and breast cancer risk. The data has a total significance of about 20% reduction in the chances of getting breast cancer in women (Winchester, 2015). The researchers also note that first-degree female relatives (FDFRs) of breast cancer will greatly benefit from the physical activity. The interventions that address specific concerns that are related to the heightened concerns that will predispose the women to cancer may be reduced of the women involve themselves in physical activities.

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Literature review 

Since breast cancer was diagnosed, it has been seen to be the highest disease that claims most of the lives of women with breast cancer. A study has been conducted on several occasions so as to be able to identify the primary causative agents and the predisposing factors so that it can be able to be dealt with. Breast cancer worldwide represents nearly one-quarter of all cancer in its advanced stages at the point of diagnosis. The rising incidents of mortality rate make it essential to understand the literacy of cancer in most of the women more so the third world countries. The knowledge about cancer will at all the time help a patient be in the position to understand that they are required to seek medical attention and also visit a doctor whenever it is necessary.

Cancer worldwide has various predisposing factors that are widely spread in such a way that they vary depending on the positioning of the place. The variations are caused by several factors which are; a difference in demographic location, reproductive and fertility rate, anthropometric and the kind of lifestyle an individual is exposed. Diagnosis at an advanced stage contributes to high mortality rate (Peacock, 2013). Over the years researchers have studied breast cancer and how to control and minimize the chances of one getting cancer. Physical activities were seen to be in the position to reduce the chances at which a woman will get breast cancer.


Researchers collected data about breast cancer which was used to come up with complete information about the disease. The researchers used several methods in collecting the data and information on the condition. The researchers had to widely involve women who had breast cancer and at the same time involve those who pose to be infected. The participants were able to talk about their experiences and how they were able to realize that they had breast cancer. The women who were also seen to be predisposed were also taken into consideration as they were also interviewed and their views are taken into account. All the information that was being collected was directly related to the way they responded to the issue of breast cancer (Winchester, 2015). The method was chosen to be the best as it involved the direct interaction with the women.

Data analysis 

The data that was collected by the researchers was later own recorded in a manner that it can be easily interpreted. The collected data was able to be used to determine the total number of participants who were representing a particular area. The professionals were able to examine the total number of women that are likely to be affected due to a direct relation with someone in their life, the rate at which the women without relatives with a history of breast cancer will get it and represented this information in percentage forms. The professionals were in the position to come up with a solution that was seen to be able to control and reduce the rate at which women would get cancer. Physical activities were seen to be able to reduce the chances of a woman getting breast cancer. The exercise makes their bodies to be active in a way that the cancerous cells will not find a conducive habitant. Some women were seen to increase the rate at which they involve themselves in the vigorous activities and the results were seen to be positive. It is in the meaning that they were seen to be positively responding to the activity as the signs of breast cancer were not detected.

Assessment of evidence 

The researchers were able to collect more information on the cases of breast cancer on some women with breast cancer and those that don’t have but are exposed. The fact that the women were also kept under a program that subjected them to a physical activity plan, the results were also recorded so as to be able to see if there was a change (Winchester, 2015). Most of the women who were seen to be running or involving in physical activities they used a minimum of 30min/week. Some were seen to improve and add to the total number of minutes they were involving themselves taking physicals. It was seen that the risk of breast cancer was a motivation for them to involve in physical activities. In addition the program created a platform that made the women be free when it came to the point of talking and sharing more about breast cancer.

Ethical issues 

Breast cancer is a disease that has at all the time made the women lowers their self-esteem. It is in the meaning that, the women with breast cancer are at times isolated by the other women. It is not ethically right to separate the women with breast cancer as they will die because of stigmatization. The fact that research has discovered physical activities will reduce the chances of one getting breast cancer has made women involve in physical activities all over. The physical activities are done by most of them, and so they get to interact. The interaction creates a sense of togetherness, and so this will intern make them be in the position to help the other women with cancer be accepted in the society and other people.

Strength and limitations of breast cancer and the impacts on nursing practice 

Breast cancer has been in the position to empower the nurses as they believe that by treating and taking care of breast cancer patient they have saved a life. Breast cancer awareness has enlightened the people on the kind of work that the nurses are doing, thus putting them in a position that makes them be the most respected and reputable people in their profession. However, breast cancer has also made nursing practices be a profession that will only have to be taking care of the breast cancer patients which at one point will create boredom to the nurses. The action may have a negative attitude to the nursing industry as many people will not be readily willing to take up the nursing jobs.


In conclusion, breast cancer has been recognized worldwide as a killer disease to women with breast cancer. Breast cancer is also said to be a hereditary disease that is passed on from mother to child or that runs in the family of related individuals. Although it has been proved to a certain level, the inheritance channel can break down to the point that will have to make people in a family with breast cancer history not get breast cancer. All this can be done through the well-structured activities that professionals have laid down to help the women. Taking physical activities seriously will be in the position to help most women be able to reduce the rate at which they are prone to getting breast cancer.


Peacock, J. (2013).    Breast cancer . Mankato, Minn: LifeMatters. 

Winchester, D. (2015).    Breast cancer . Hamilton: B.C. Decker 

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