Cancer Essay Examples & Writing Guide

Got any trouble with writing an essay on cancer? You’ve come to the right place! A number of unique example papers on this subject are available here – totally free of charge! Check them out and see which ideas you can borrow for your own original work. We’ve also prepared some tips and guidelines for you. Let’s go!

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Health Disparities in Breast Cancer among Black American Women

Breast cancer occurs in females worldwide. However, in the United States, it is among the leading causes of deaths associated with cancer. Despite the significant advancements in the detection of breast cancer, its...

Words: 1428

Pages: 5

Views: 345

Pros and Cons of Cancer Treatment

The project is about the pros and cons associated with the treatment of cancer patients. Patients who have cancer may benefit from the advantages of cancer treatment and suffer the consequences of the treatment...

Words: 359

Pages: 1

Views: 453

17 Sep 2023

Supporting Coworkers with a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is one of the diseases that still remain a major health concern in spite of the medical advancements. It is therefore not abnormal if one of the coworkers at your work place is diagnosed with cancer. It is a...

Words: 726

Pages: 2

Views: 452

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17 Sep 2023

Red Meat and Colon Cancer

Despite the two articles being different, they share a common subject topic, which is linking red meat to colorectal cancer. Fundamentally, the difference between the two articles is on the quantity and quality of...

Words: 308

Pages: 1

Views: 75

Detecting Distress in a Gynecologic Cancer Setting

Distress detection among cancer patients is increasingly becoming common in cancer care. Momentary mood disturbances are frequent among cancer patients as the disease develops through its stages with depression the...

Words: 772

Pages: 3

Views: 88

Community Resources for Breast Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the diseases with the highest morbidity rates, although evidence does indicate that early detection improves the chances of survival for the patient ( Málaga, Cuba-Fuentes & Romero-Albino, 2018 )....

Words: 378

Pages: 1

Views: 54

17 Sep 2023

My Father’s Cancer and Health Psychology

My father died of colon cancer in 2016 two months after being diagnosed with colon cancer. He lived in Puerto Rico where the health care is horrible. In fact, he never visited the hospital for his condition. My...

Words: 1524

Pages: 6

Views: 66

Comparison of Socio Economic Problems and Quality of Life Between Mastectomy and Breast Conserving Treatment Among Early Breast Cancer Patients Attending Oncology Centers In Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

BACKGROUND AND INTRODUCTION Breast conservation therapy has been highlighted as to be efficient as mastectomy in the curing of tumors of about 2 centime1ters or smaller1. On the other hand, proof of its efficiency,...

Words: 2071

Pages: 3

Views: 383

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17 Sep 2023

Colorectal Cancer Screening: The Test

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most killer cancer in United states of America.In 2016 alone, more than 134,000 people were diagnosed with cancer, and the estimated mortality rate stood at 49,000...

Words: 1112

Pages: 2

Views: 59

Ovarian Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Norquist, B. M., Garcia, R. L., Allison, K. H., Jokinen, C. H., Kernochan, L. E., Pizzi, C. C., . . . Swisher, E. M. (2010). The molecular pathogenesis of hereditary ovarian carcinoma. Cancer, 116 (22),...

Words: 296

Pages: 1

Views: 86


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Cancer Essay

First, let’s start with the definition of essay about cancer. When writing one, you’ll address this disease in detail. Describe its importance, causes, and consequences, including psychological trauma. The history of research and struggle with this disease can also be your subject.

You might focus on specific groups examining how cancer affects them and what their risks of getting it are: children, adults, elderly people, and others. You might also tell a story about a person you know and their struggle with this disease. When discussing treatment methods or risk factors in detail, don’t forget you should use valid sources for claims and assumptions.

Cancer Essay Examples 

Need some good college essay examples about cancer to boost your creativity? You’ll find them here! Just scroll down and pick some most relevant for your subject. Check out these writing tips as well.

You'll need some serious preliminary research if your subject examines treatment methods or other medical details. So, you could obtain solid ground for all claims. When writing personal essays about cancer (e.g., how a person you know struggled with this disease), you might need fewer medical sources. But you should provide additional context to readers. Thus, you should plan your steps carefully and take them in accordance with your topic.

Cancer Argumentative Essay

You’ll make some claims about your selected problem when writing an argumentative essay about cancer. Therefore, you’ll need to pick one that is debatable. While choosing among cancer argumentative essay topics, consider taking interesting or even controversial ones. This would make some ground for you to defend and help engage your audience.

At the same time, don’t forget you should find quality sources. Otherwise, backing your claims could be problematic. When discussing therapy, surgery, development of its cells, or diagnosis methods, you’ll need valid medical data you could refer to. Otherwise, any argumentation would be weak.

Check out our examples available here. See which sources they use and how their argumentation is built. Maybe you’ll find something useful you could borrow. 

Cancer Essay Outline

Need good examples of outline for cancer essay? You can find them here. Also, we’ve prepared several guidelines for outline writing for you.

Suppose you’re writing about the efficiency of medical treatment for specific cancer types. Your steps should be as follows:


  • Describe these types by briefly mentioning their key details in short phrases. Brainstorm and create your thesis statement — one full sentence.

Main body

Sketch your paragraphs without giving too much information.

  • Start with describing medical treatment methods in general.
  • List pros and cons of each method.
  • Mention related studies measuring their efficiency.


  • Briefly summarize the above facts, making assumptions about the inefficiency of these methods. Make sure it corresponds to your thesis.

Review an outline carefully. Try to spot major flaws or logical gaps. Correct the issues you’ve found and proceed with writing to turn it into a complete essay.

Bonus: Try the thesis statement generator at StudyBounty for free!

Cancer Essay Introduction

Here’s how you write your introduction for cancer essay:

  • Make sure you provide enough context about the selected problem. Explain how and why this disease is important for our society.
  • At the same time, make sure you keep this part brief. Save most details for the main body section. That is where most of your text should be provided, including quotes, statistical information, etc.
  • Try placing a call to action or a hint about your next steps in the end. This would help to engage your audience and gain their attention.

Check out our examples below and see how these practices have been implemented there.

Cancer essay introduction example 

Cancer has been identified as the one of the leading killer diseases all around the World. Cancer affects several body organs,most notably the skin, lung, liver and breast among others. Cancer is said to have a positive correlation to poor lifestyle choices. This paper will look at cervical cancer and will discuss possible prevention and treatment measures.

Cancer Essay Body Paragraph

Now, a few tips on writing 5 paragraph essay on cancer:

  • Make sure this part contains all necessary information that helps your audience understand your main claim: therapy and surgery methods, their effect on patients, how cells get affected, etc.
  • Use valid medical sources to back up these descriptions and claims. Of course, obvious things and basic facts should not be backed. (E.g., this disease is deadly for patients unless it is treated.)
  • Leave 1 paragraph for an introduction and 1 paragraph for a conclusion. The other 3 paragraphs will be your main part. Make sure they are logically connected with each other.

Check out our examples available below. Examine their structure and style. Maybe you’ll find something to reuse in your own paper.

Cancer essay body paragraph example 

Cervical cancer is known to start in the cells lining the cervix. There are two known classes of cervical cancer that have been identified, adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma with the former being the most common (Saslow, 2012). According to Samlow (2012), only some women, especially those ones who’ve had pre-cancers, may develop cervical cancer. Pre-cancers are a contributing factor to cervical cancer development. Specific types of cancers are associated with specific factors that increase chances of an individual contracting the disease. Common known signs of this type of cancer include abnormal bleeding of the vagina,  varginal discharge with blood stains and pain during sexual intercourse.

Cancer Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s discuss how you should write your conclusion about cancer essay. Here are some tips:

  • Summarize the vital information you’ve provided in your essay, but don’t repeat yourself.
  • Don't put any reference material in this section. All such materials belong to the main body part.
  • Keep your conclusion for cancer essay brief. There is no need to add extra words. Mention only crucial details when summarizing your work.
  • If possible, add some short but captivating comments about your subject. E.g., mention your own experience of treating patients with this disease. This will leave a lasting impression on readers.

Our sample is available below. Feel free to check it out and reuse it for your own original work.

Conclusion of cancer essay

Cervical cancer is one of the common types of cancer. Early diagnosis is very important to ensure that prevention measures are taken in good time to avoid a further degeneration of the medical condition.

How to Write a College Essay on Cancer

Here’s our short guide for writing about cancer in college essay:

  1. Carefully pick your topic. Think it through and conduct some preliminary research. Better write about things you are well familiar with.
  2. Introduce the problem to your audience and prepare a strong thesis statement. Review it carefully because this will be the foundation of your work. Good initial impression is a key factor in overall success.
  3. Start with a short outline. Once done, it will be easy for you to evaluate how concise your work would be. Significant errors, gaps, or logical flaws are easy to spot and correct at this early stage. Review your completed outline several times if possible. Such reviews are the most efficient
  4. Do the main research for your topic. This is when students should gather all their reference material supporting their descriptions and explanations. Only credible books and articles should be used. Taking random online publications as trusted sources isn’t wise.
  5. Proceed to write full-text version of your essay. Format it properly.
  6. Review the complete text once again. There are always some risks of minor issues being left unnoticed. If possible, ask other people to review your essay. A fresh glance could find something to correct.

Check out our college essays about cancer samples and see how these practices have been implemented there. Look at persuasive essays on smoking and get some new ideas for your writing.

Cancer Essay Topics That Won Thousands

We’ve picked several cancer topics for essay which could be useful for students of different grades. Check out these cancer essay titles and see if you can find one relevant to your interests:

  1. Importance of research and development of cancer treatment methods.
  2. How changing your lifestyle can help prevent cancer.
  3. Top 10 popular food products that significantly increase risks of cancer.
  4. History of this disease and treatment development.
  5. Using neural algorithms for improving cancer diagnosis.
  6. How regular self-examination can help with early detection of melanoma.
  7. Impact of industrial development on cancer development risks.
  8. Role of regular radiation in skin cancer development.
  9. Alternative ways of its treatment and prevention.
  10. Psychological impact on its victims. (Consult: essay on psychology.)
  11. People who have won against this disease as an example for everyone.

Hopefully, these cancer titles for essays will help students visiting our page make their choice. If you still have some questions, consider checking the FAQ section below for additional information.


FAQ About Cancer Essays

1. Are your cancer essays free?

Sure! This is how we help our readers. Any free essay on cancer is available here for download in pdf. Use them as inspiration material or as just your stash of valuable sources. Go ahead and borrow some good ideas from these examples. Just don’t copy them in your own original work.

2. What is a cancer short essay?

Short essay on cancer should describe this disease in general or address some of its aspects, namely:
1. The nature of cancer cells.
2. Cancer diagnosis: ways and challenges.
3. Treatment methods, including therapy and surgery.
4. Its physical and psychological effects, and others.

3. What is a good thesis statement for my cancer essay?

Thesis statements in essays about cancer must address important medical notions but at the same time remain concise and straightforward. Make sure your thesis is one sentence long. And be mindful of your deadlines. Making an extremely challenging claim would require much time for research.

4. Are your cancer essays in different languages?

We’re providing tips for helping students write an essay about cancer in English. Our examples available here are only in English. If you need an essay in some other language, try picking one of our topics and translating it to your language. Then you can proceed with writing using our guidelines.


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