27 Jan 2023


Building a Coordinated Federal Cyber Strategy

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whose primary role is to ensure the safety and security of America developed the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (NSSC) and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP). The aim was to put up fabric to build a joint strategy across all national government authorities and stakeholders in the private sector to dilute the threats on America’s cyberspace infrastructure. The NSSC's mandate is to preclude cyber-attacks against the America’s climacteric base and address any vulnerability in their cyber systems. To do so effectively, the NSSC has put in place the National Cyberspace Security Threat and Vulnerability Reduction Program, the National Cyberspace Security Awareness and Training Program and Securing Government’s Cyberspace Program (Kramer, Starr & Wentz, 2009).

The programs focus on minifying threats and deterring suspicious people by informing them of the penal consequences of cyber-attacks. They facilitate training in cyberspace security to meet the high demand for experts in this field and regularly evaluate the weaknesses of this infrastructure. However, these aims have not been operationalized, and as such, the DHS needs to bring everyone together to formulate a framework of how they can be implemented to ensure the success of the NSSC. Since it’s clear that everyone understands the part they are supposed to play, the DHS needs to implement a cooperative information sharing mechanism that interconnects all these stakeholders. The government should adjudicate any matter that might interfere with this collaborative process, by enacting legislation that guarantees its smooth running, indemnifies it against litigation, and appropriates federal funding for it. The government must also ensure that this process is not carried out in a manner that contravenes the law (Westby, 2004).

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The private sector should facilitate innovation in the development of cyber-attack defense equipment and guide the different government agencies on how to adopt and use them. Continuous improvements should be made on these systems to better their tactical and operational abilities (Collins & Baggett, 2009).


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