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Career Development and Personality Theories

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Criticisms of the Holland Theory 

The Holland theory of vocational choice has had its proponents but has also faced criticism. Holland believes that Development, environment, social classes, and culture influence an individual's character towards a particular career choice. The vocational theory fails to establish a rational link between satisfaction and performance. Similarly, the theory does not offer a comprehensive explanation of the Development of the trait factor theories or how to identify the dominant traits. The theory also fails to recognize external factors that influence career choices, such as money.

The Trait and Factor theory and the Myers-Briggs Personality Test 

The trait and factor theory connotes that it is possible to match individual capabilities and talents with the requirements of a particular job. Persons whose skills match the job specifications are believed to be better performers in the job industries. Self-awareness is crucial for self-development and essential in intra and interpersonal relations; as a result, several tests have been prepared to encourage the former such as the Myers-Briggs test. The text concerns itself with perception and judgment. Understanding the different personality types will enable me to ascertain my team's various strengths and weaknesses and use them to benefit. Therefore, I would offer Tim the job because good interpersonal communication will be fostered with his understanding.

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The INTJ Personality Type 

Cindy's personality type as an INTJ portrays her as a loner rather than a team player in her work environment. She is likely to have little or no disagreements with her colleagues because of her introvertedness and intuitiveness (Owen). As a counselor, Cindy will be dismissive and encourage dependency of her clients; this is because she will impose her solutions to their problems without giving them a chance to come up with their own. On the bright side, Cindy will encourage her students to be better versions of themselves.

The Super Theory by Time Perspective 

The super theory posits that an individual's sense of self-identity changes based on experience and time. The development stage of the idea follows a trajectory from fantasy, interest to capacity. If asked what they want to become at their tender ages, a child will give a list of professions; later, this list will change as the child adopts and loses interest in particular hobbies. Later, the know adult's career path will have been influenced by the business environment and experience.

Factors Likely to Impact Career Development of Adolescents with Different Cultural Backgrounds 

Factors such as a sense of identity and values are likely to influence the career choice of adolescents. A study, for instance, suggests that Latinas identify with solid family traditions and collectivism; this explains why they will eventually acquire skills to help in the family business (Kerka). External factors such as the business environment, social support, and discrimination also encourage or discouraged career development. Investors like employees are attracted to safer and stable environments and are likely to pursue more career growth in such fields.

Marvin's Development based on Marcia's Concepts of Identity Development 

Marvin has just concluded the identity diffusion state characterized by persons who lack self-awareness of who they want to become. His enrollment in high school was purely out of his intellectual ability and charming personality. Marvin's belief that his failures and lack of active participation in school can be attributed to his identity foreclosure status. Lastly, his desire to join the military can be perceived to explore and establish his identity without committing; this is the identity moratorium phase.

Henry's Personality Type 

According to Holland's theory, Henry's motivation, satisfaction, and performance are because he discovered an environment that enables him to work and hon his skills. Further, based on the Minnesota theory of work adjustment by Lofquist and Dawis, Henry should be assessed based on knowledge, skills, and abilities before a decision is taken to fire him. Following his poor performance and lack of attention can be adjusted once Henry's needs, values, and interests are matched to his work. Henry's personality type ENTJ is extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging.


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Owens, M. (2016).  All about the INTJ personality type . Truity.  https://www.truity.com/personality-type/INTJ 

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