29 Apr 2022


HDEV 110 Reflection

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The basis of learning is to impart knowledge that can be used to advance in my career and also our social interactions. This class was beneficial for me because it empowered me to think critically in all situations. The class enabled me to think outside the box, especially in the circumstances relating to my own experienced and create a point of justification in areas I felt conflicted. In many instances, I remember using examples from my personal experiences to justify my opinions in different subjects based on the information that was made available to us, making it evident that there was a lot that I needed to learn. I mainly learned a lot from different chapters, like management. I also came to appreciate the fact that there is increased information that is eye-opening to various aspects of career development. The purpose of this paper is to expound more on the learning experiences I have gained from this course.

The form of teaching and the regular tasks submitted in the class created an avenue to hold peer-reviewed discussions with my classmates. I appreciate this part of the course because I was able to go through the realities and difficulties through assignments, group discussions, and projects. Some of the applications of the course, such as the different hats of a manager has made it easier to understand the technicalities and realities that managers face in their careers. The session reflected on the various issues that need to be considered in career development. I believe the class created an opportunity for me to understand these aspects in a better and more informed manner than before. I liked the class format and how it related to every aspect of my chosen career path and loved how it encouraged more interaction and open debates about the specifics of my career as well as considering the opinion of others in an unbiased manner. The main challenge I faced was doing the course online, primarily because of the Covid-19 outbreak, which limited my opportunity to learn more about career performance and how it applies in the career world. Had this been done through physical interaction, the discussions would have been more insightful and not constrained by limitations of online learning such as internet constraints.

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I appreciated how the course taught me a lot about research. There are different stages of doing research, such as a literature review, an annotated bibliography, and also drafting the final paper. The learnings from this experience would be influential in shaping the future of my career advancements. I realized that the course encompassed more than what I expected and was not only related to one topic. I learned a lot of technical skills as well, such as preparing presentations and writing papers, as well as referencing and citations. This impacted my academic performance, as well. I can say that the most significant takeaway from this class is the management, which has changed how I manage myself in my personal and professional life. I will be able to apply these skills in my career as well. I believe this course has impacted my confidence, with my professor being influential by offering extra assistance and resources for all the topics covered for this topic. The learning environment was positive, and it ensured that I held myself accountable for my actions at all times.

The greatest takeaway from this course is time management, which impacted how I coordinated myself at all times. I believe that the course was worth it, offering a memorable experience, and I hope that I will be able to be part of the course in my future endeavors.

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