28 Aug 2022


Career Paths for Fire Investigators

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Fire investigators should have certain professional qualities to enter into the field. One of the professional qualities is experience. According to the article, experience is necessary even if a person has college education. Important experience can be derived from having a career in criminal investigation through the police or the fire department. The other professional quality is having knowledge of fire science, which can be obtained by studying literature on fire incidents and talking to investigators in the field. Having current knowledge of materials outside the high school level is necessary for a career as a fire investigator. Important subjects include fire chemistry, fire science, thermometry, thermodynamics, explosion dynamics, fire dynamics, failure analysis, hazardous materials, and analytical tools. Additional knowledge in fire protection systems, electricity and electrical systems, and evidence collection and documentation is necessary. 

Beyond the fire service, there is education and training that is needed for a strong foundation for a career in fire investigation. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to qualify for the job of a fire investigator. Although having experience with the fire department or law enforcement is highly recommended, employers seek for candidates with postsecondary education in engineering, chemistry, or fire sciences. More specifically, a postsecondary education in the fire sciences is the most relation option to a career as a fire investigator. Completing a post-secondary education in chemistry, fire sciences, or engineering may lead to an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree depending on one’s duration in the school. The other requirement is training, which may be offered through a classroom setting, and covers subjects and concepts related to the fire sciences. Finally, a fire investigator is required to have professional licenses and certifications. For example, a professional certification from the National Fire Protection Association is required. Additional certification is offered by the International Association of Arson Investigators. 

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Gervais, A. & Lazaros, E. J. (n.d). Fire Inspector and Investigators Career Path Exploration. The CTE Journal ISSN 2327-0160 (Online), 5(2). 

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