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Carnival Cruise: Fun for All Ages

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The cruise industry witnessed high growth after the elapse of the Second World War. This led to the shift in focus among countries while focusing much on development as opposed to indulging in confrontations. At the time, ships also served as the primary mode of transport across the world owing to the commercial aviation industry being, less developed at the time but didn’t take long before the industry was exposed to stiff completion which came about as a result of the changing dynamics due to air travel becoming the most preferred mode of transport when undertaking travels across the world. 

The industry was forced to consider coming up with unique ways meant to avail a new way of doing business. The attempt was also ideal because it facilitated the realization of change leading to the development of the industry. In the past, the main focus focused much on the rich because it was quite expensive for middle-income earners to access such service. However, there was a need to adjust to maintain profitability owing to the cruise business being bundled with many challenges and as well expensive to undertake. 

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The focus ensured the middle-income earners were more likely to access the service by making it more affordable. Other packages were also created with the intent of attracting business travellers as well as those willing to tour the world in groups while on holiday while still availing them unrivalled service. 


As a result of the emerging challenges, Carnival ships embraced a number of modalities. Key among them included the need to enhance their security owing to the heightened level of insecurity at sea. It is also backed by the adoption of safety measures as well as the provision of strict health measures meant to ensure its clients are served well. They also adopted shorter trips as opposed to merely focusing on long cruises which were relatively expensive and inhibiting. The idea was to ensure many took advantage of this provision. They as well sourced for staffs across the world to limit on costs. 


At the international level, the political, legal, cultural, economic and geographical location are among the main issues of concern. Such factors are bound to affect most ocean liners while undertaking their business. 


Owing to American generally having few numbers of holidays, Cruise liners ought to capitalize on the new markets like China, Germany, Italy, Japan as well as France because such countries are endowed with many people able to make use of such service. It could as well serve as an excellent opportunity to maximize their potential thereby increasing the level of competitiveness. 


There are many threats experienced in this industry, among the main threat include things like security owing to the rise of piracy. The ocean liners are as well forced to devise new ways to attract business while competing among other players and risk losing a lot in the event of rarely conforming to change but forced to spent a lot of cash to attain it. The political factors coupled with other factors such as the economic situation could as well impact the industry negatively whenever a situation goes beyond control. 


The reason causes some ship liners to consider such an approach is due to the expensive nature of buying and maintaining such vessels. They also try hard to maximize on the opportunity but still subjected to a harsh reality coupled by many factors. 

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