8 Sep 2022


Causes of suicide among Veterans and how to ways to address the problem

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 I sincerely salute you all. The issue of veteran suicide is developing rapidly as suicide continues to account for a high number of veteran deaths. Although the forms of suicides may vary, the causes of suicides on veterans are common. In consideration of the increased occurrence of suicide cases among veterans, it is ideal for formulating and implementing certain interventions that address the problem. 

Causes of Suicide among Veterans 

Suicide cases among the veterans result from mental illness, which soldiers might develop in the realm of work. Mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress and major depression are prevalent among the veterans' population. Mental disorders subject veterans in situations where the ability to make crucial decisions is compromised. Suicide among veterans is also caused by a guilty conscience notion developed by veterans after retirements. The nature of military work can force soldiers to make ethically poor decisions. This phenomenon results in a series of regrets which torment veterans and expose them to suicidal thoughts. Drug abuse among many veterans also contributes to suicidal notions amongst veterans. Drugs alter proper decision making and reduced tolerance to stress, and such leads to suicide cases among a significant number of our veterans. 

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Statistics on the Occurrence of Suicide Cases among Veterans 

The number of suicide cases amongst the ex-military population continues to increase with time. In the year 2017, the total number of suicide cases among veterans was 45,390. This figure is an increase from 31619 in 2005. In the year 2018, 18.3% of the total number of suicide cases involved veterans. Suicide cases among veterans increase significantly with time because of the increased stress levels among the ex-military. 

Radical Interventions in Addressing Suicide Cases among Veterans 

Suicide cases among veterans can be addressed through counseling solders on various methods of managing stress properly. Soldiers should be trained on the ideal techniques for managing work-related stress. The problem can also be solved by the provision of reliable healthcare cover to veterans. Healthcare covers will ensure that mental illnesses are dragonized and treated before they turn suicidal. 

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