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Challenges and Opportunities Managers Face in Organization

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Cultural diversity can be defined as learning, appreciating, and accepting how people are different regarding gender, social status, disabilities, race, sex, class, age, and ethnicity. Many companies have realized the importance of acquiring diversity in the workforce as it assists in identifying people's abilities, their weaknesses and how to deal with them. Global organization refers to organizations which are internationally registered; it means companies from different countries which operate worldwide. Managers have opportunities in the global markets which help in making their businesses successful and achieving their goals; managers still face some challenges when performing their duties, either globally or in cultural diversity. Managers work closely with their employees as employee's attitude, capability, and their efforts towards the organizations determine the performance. When dealing with global markets competitors, maximizing and capitalizing on management diversity is significant as it increases the profits in an organization. Managing diversity a process whereby when forming work environment consideration of everybody is done. 

Challenges Managers Face in Cultural Diversity and Global Organization 

Although cultural diversity is essential in organizations, sometimes it causes challenges to managers. Understanding people’s behavior has become a challenge to managers who have been leaders in several organizations, and for years where they used to manage groups and not individuals, thus having a better understanding of groups than of single person and sometimes they end up understanding peoples in groups rather than understanding a personal personality. Managers tend to get angry and frustrated; they tend to compare other people’s behavior with that of theirs, and if an individual’s action makes sense they understand it, and if it doesn’t they reject it: this causes employees feel frustrated and get hostile, and this becomes an obstacle to cultural diversity. 

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Motivating a cultural diversity is important for an organization, but sometimes it becomes a challenge to business; more often trades have norms of motivation in which they originated from, and when they enter into a different culture they forget to change those standards and motivation style for the new culture. Failure to shift may cause people from a different culture to be de-motivated by what seems motivating to you. Another challenge to culturally diverse in the global organization is that too much time is consumed in solving misunderstandings, following, and learning individual’s capabilities and assisting them to pursue the same game. Improper training on managing a culturally diverse team is also a challenge as if managers do not train on how to deal with diversity in the workplace they may end up ignoring some important aspects of diversity, and this may result to not achieving goals and objectives of an organization. 

Managers at times fall short to recognize what is best for the business based on teamwork and decline to regroup individuals according to their capabilities which if done can result in high productivity in organizations, make them shine, and be competitive globally. Managers think that fairness is equality but on some level, it is not, they focus on treating individuals fairly instead of equally and this causes discrimination in the workforce. Some employees feel unequally administered compared to their workmates, and this causes problems in managing cultural diversity in organizations. When generating work environment managers may fail to consider which work environment suitably suits individuals working conditions, if the workplace is harsh employees ends up losing morale which leads to lower productivity of the organization. 

Managers face language difficulties when operating their businesses globally. Communication is essential for a business to be successful; the language barrier in global markets is a challenge since people does not communicate the same language. When operating businesses in foreign countries managers face difficult issues’ concerning the currency as conversions has to be made; incorrect calculations may occur causing mistakes in organizations accounting which may lead to loss of money in businesses. Global marketing is challenging because some laws and regulations such as tax laws, government controls, and safety standards of different countries are different. Managers find it difficult to adopt some harsh laws which may affect their business operations. 

Opportunities Managers face in Culturally Diverse and Global organizations 

Managers when performing their services in the world markets faces a lot of possibilities which assists them to grow their businesses. Managers get the chance to interact with more professional leaders during their trade operations which give them opportunities to learn new things from professionals who have been in the international businesses for a long time. Interacting with professionals helps them to learn things they were not aware of and apply them to their businesses; this enables their businesses to grow and become successful (Gibson 56-81). When dealing with international markets managers have opportunities to ask their fellows what they don’t know or understand concerning their businesses; this increases their knowledge of performing their duties more efficiently. 

Cultural diversity gives managers opportunities to interact with their employees and to learn each one's capability; this helps managers to know and organize how to manage their workers, and this leads to organizational growth as each employee is aware of the task assigned. Managers understanding their employees well help them to know how to attract and retain the best talents staff offer. Cultural diversity means learning and understanding individual well this makes managers respect people's differences; this makes people feel worthy and comfortable working in the organization due to their leaders understanding them, taking and respecting their views. Cultural diversity increase employee satisfaction as each employee is perceived as individual and not as a group or team; this adds morale to the workers increasing their productivity. 

Managers get opportunities when doing businesses internationally because can learn new cultures and learn how to communicate with different people; this decreases the language barrier thus improving the way they do businesses as information is passed on well and understood. Working in global markets helps managers to know the laws and regulations pertaining different countries, and this makes them vulnerable to laws of different nations helping them be aware of the rules. Managers get training whereby they attend lectures, programs, and seminars which are designed to promote diversity and enhance their global knowledge to help them know how to deal with the markets during their operations. 

Cultural diversity is an important activity in organizations as it enables managers to learn and understand their employees as individuals and not as a group; this makes managers respect their employees, and this increases employee’s morale leading to improved production in organizations. Managers face challenges when performing their duties globally because of the language barriers; communication becomes a problem when dealing with foreign markets. Understanding individual’s behavior is a challenge to managers who have been leaders for a long time and used to have great knowledge when dealing with groups and teams rather than individuals (Gibson 50-51). Although managers face lots of challenges they still enjoy opportunities as when dealing with global markets they get chances to interact with professional leaders; thus attaining more knowledge about businesses through such leaders. Training offered to managers, increases their knowledge to tackle difficult problems in their organizations. 


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