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Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies

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Johnson and Johnson Company is located in America. James Wood Johnson, Edward Mead Johnson Sr, and Robert Wood Johnson I founded it in 1886. It is the multinational manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The head quarter of this company is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is directly next to the campus of Rutgers University. Johnson and Johnson is a corporate company constituted of 250 subsidiary companies. Consequently, these constituting companies operate in more than 57 countries and their products are sold in more than 180 countries in the world. In 2011, Johnson and Johnson Company had worldwide sales of 65 billion dollars. Johnson and Johnson family of companies operate widely in the field of health, and its services are delivered around the world. 

Johnson & Johnson works as a venture holding corporation which concentrates on health care services and products. It participates in development and research, sale and manufactures of special care sanitized products, surgical and pharmaceuticals equipment. The corporation, through its branches operates in three major stages for instance Medical devices segment, consumer segment, and pharmaceutical segment. In the consumer segment deals with an array of products for baby m care, wound care, oral, care, women’s health care, and ski care fields. Also, it includes over the counter products of pharmaceuticals and nutrition, and prevention and wellness platforms (Johnson, 2012) . 

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The Pharmaceutical department comprises products in the antipsychotic, pain, anti-infective, vaccines, oncology, management, hematology, thrombosis, infectious diseases, immunology, gastrointestinal, contraceptive, and neurology (Kador, 2004). On the other hand, Medical Device Department comprises of a wide range of products supplied to hospitals, retailers, and wholesalers. As such, these products are essential in the field of nursing, in clinics, and hospitals. The products are used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Also included are neurological and orthopedic products, insulin delivery, and blood glucose monitoring products, energy and surgical products. Other medical products are disposable contact lenses, infection prevention products, and professional diagnostic products. 

The leadership in Johnson and Johnson Company comprises of the board of directors. These directors include William C. Weldon, David Satcher, Steven S. Reinemund, William Perez, Leo F. Mullin, and Susan L. Lindquist. Other directors are Arnold G. Langbo, Ann Diblle Jordan, Michael M.E. Johns, Dominic Caruso, James G. Cullen, and Mary Sue Coleman. The worldwide chairperson for the board member since 2012 is Sandi Peterson. However, currently, the Executive Committees of the corporation are Michael Sneed, Paul Stoffels, Peter Fasolo, and Dominic Caruso. Since 1994 Johnson and Johnson is amongst the companies in the list of New York Stock Exchange. The market capitalization of Johnson and Johnson Company is about 280 million dollars (Johnson, 2012) . 

In the corporation, there are many goals are strategies towards making a change in the world health care sectors. One of the important goals of Johnson and Johnson is building the healthcare labor force. For instance, to improve the health of family’s needs a stable and caring system of both professional and lay healthcare employees to cover the scale of treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. Consequently, the health care labor programs start in the early years of education by cheering young individuals to have an interest in courses that relate to health and medicine. As such, the work goes on with assistance offered to both health care employees who are new and to those pursuing their studies in the field. Besides, the workers participate in management and leadership training (Johnson, 2012) . 

Another strategy that Johnson and Johnson Company put more efforts on is the training birth attendants. According to Johnson (2012) when those who attend to women during delivery have good skills, the infant mortality rate would go down. Consequently, midwives offer antenatal care as well as offering interventions that can save lives of about 15% of births which occur because of life-threatening complications. Also, Johnson and Johnson Company have partnership programs that support the training and work of birth attendants around the work. Amongst the organizations that partner with Johnson and Johnson Company include UNICEF, WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, and the World Bank. The end results of the partnership programs are to see a reduction in the infant mortality rate (Johnson, 2012). 

Even though Johnson and Johnson Company offer specific assistance to training based on skills, expertise and funds from the partner organizations help the programs within a country to manage the span of support. As such, the health care professionals, other workers, and the public enjoy good health care infrastructure and efficient facilities (Kador, 2004). On the same note, women acquire sufficient knowledge and support from the maternal attendants. Such knowledge and supports assist the women in taking care their babies well. In addition, the high levels of communication from cooperating as a joint program assist to know the opportunities and gaps in the system, and allows for the removal of barriers. If more partners join the collaboration, they will add value through increasing the base of support and reduce the span of implementing set objectives (Johnson, 2012) . 

In conclusion, Johnson and Johnson Company is the largest and well established corporation that trade in the health care materials. It has good management and leadership which allows for smooth and proper operation without shortages in the output. As for the Company’s goals, training of the maternity attendants allows for the growth of the world population since the rates of infant mortality will reduce. The products of this company have importance in the wellbeing of individuals. 


Kador, J. (2004).  Great Engagements: The Once and Future Johnson &a mp; Johnson.  New Brunswick, N.J.: Johnson & Johnson. 

Johnson, M. (2012). Chemical Companies. Materials And Methods , 2

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