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Choose My Plate

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Planning for family meals could be either daunting or interesting in a regular routine in a household. Numerous families are greatly affected by the mass media in their choice of family feeds. This paper highlights some reasons why people do not cook at home but instead buy processed food. It also provides an argument on whether it is more cost effective to cook at home or buy fast food. 

Statistics indicate that indeed it is cheaper to buy fast food that cook from scratch at home. For example, if one intends to cook chicken tikka for four at home, they spend $12.25. However, the ready meal is $6.60, making it cheaper by a half the cost. This is the most sensible reason why people avoid cooking in their respective homes. Apart from fast food saving a reasonable amount of money, it also saves time. Currently, people seem to be busy working up to three jobs at a time. This suggests that they do not have sufficient time to cook meals and in turn opt out to buy meals. 

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One cannot deny that is definitely healthier to prepare your foods and cook them from home. In fact some experts suggest that with proper shopping then home cooking can also be cheaper. For instance, they advise that one could shop for their groceries when they are in season. This will mean that the groceries are packed many and at a lower price than the normal market price. 

In conclusion, it is safe to suggest that one could plan their meals in such a manner that they sometimes buy or cook at home. They should consider both options as each option has its own advantages. 

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