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Christo and Jeanne-Claude: how his art influenced design of the most US gates

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According to the artwork in the drawing, the viewer is dominated towards the top section of the art and this attracts many viewers as well making the artwork to be unique and standing alone. Furthermore, another domineering section is on the Ice T which by then was specifically representing the back in the days. 

This type of painting has been viewed by the majority to be one of the highly patterned painting. The images depict very powerful figures who in one way or the other are in the leadership positions. Such an art is associated with the African American population. The drawn art is indicating authority that is owned by the ruling citizens. 

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According to the art, different cultures have an opportunity to showcase their characteristics by carrying some weapons as shown. These weapons are basically to indicate that leaders are always in the forefront when it comes to the giving of the security. 

Unit 12 art assignment 

According to the artwork, most of the gates in the US have been designed following artwork that was put forward by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Every gate had a framework which was resting on either one or two footings which are steel. In addition, these were supported by fabric panels which were colored but were hanging loosely from the top area. 

Moreover, there are some matching between the gate itself and the fabric but of brilliant colors. The descriptive statistics were well presented. For instance, only 23 miles of walkways could support about 7503 gates. The height of every gate is 16 with a variation in the widths which was basically due to variation in the pathways. These arts have attracted public interest and their relationship with the existing environment. 

Art unit 11 assignment 

According to the information on the painting of Matisse, Dance 1, colors which are less detail and pale have been used by the painter in the dance. According to the dance 1 painting, the interest of Matisse was to raise a bar where the brilliance climax is overpowered. 

According to the background of this dance, it was basically a dedicated artwork to one of the business people; Sergei who was a very good friend of Matisse. This painting was commonly hung within different staircase of Moscow mansion. 

In the painting, five figures can be seen. The outstanding painting color is red but glooming from a light green color where the blue sky appears to be deep as well. The painting depicts a dance most probably among the young girls. Dancing in Matisse’s artwork is highly recognized in the modern artwork painting. 

Art chapter 11 discussion 

It is so unfortunate that the world has its own perceptions of the colors. However, under no influence, red, blue, and yellow can be the only primary colors as per the artwork in the video. In addition, black, white, and grey is the values which are primary while horizontal and vertical can be viewed as the primary directions. According to Piet Mondrian, the main intention of creating the paintings of the abstract was basically to expose universal harmony and order. Interestingly, the Dutch painter Theo van Doesburg also had the same idea as per Mondrian. As a team, they were able to influencers the confounders of the pioneering as well as another influential movement in 1917. Their artwork was to make a new beginning after first world war where art and life will be integrated. In summary, the Red, Blue, and Yellow where some black lines locking squares of color into a geometric composition can be seen to demonstrating the vocabularies of visual thus expressing his ideas.

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