15 May 2022


Classroom Arrangements and Cooperative Learning

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A seating arrangement proposed herein is one that enhances personal and up-close interactions (Hansen, Jordan, & Rodrigues, 2017). The seating arrangement offered for 6th graders should facilitate full viewership of the front (blackboard). For the blackboard, a white piece should also be used to allow the use of a projector. Each row ought to line seven desks, arranged in a 2-3-2 pattern. This pattern will surely reduce distractions, as only few movements will be possible. However, a generous space is marked immediately after the second row and continued in the same rhythm. The main table (teacher’s), will be placed at the furthest corner away from the door, thereby giving them enough space to move about in the class, observing each student, and even for maximum engagement. 

The chosen seating arrangement seems conventional though it has a slight variation to the obvious one. The adopted seating arrangement is preferred for 6th graders as it will enhance coordinated group work (Orpinas, Raczynski, Peters, Colman, & Bandalos, 2015). Accordingly, partner work will be easier for a minimum of four students and a maximum of six. Coordinated group work is important to the 6th graders because most of them require outward motivation, mostly from their peers. Additionally, the spaces left in between rows offer additional room for auxiliary services to support technological functions. A classroom of the 21st century should incorporate technological tasks as technology has become a vital component in learning today. Subsequently, the spaces in between will accommodate power sockets to allow connectivity to the laptops charging system and similar devices. Also, a cabinet space should be designated at the back of the class to allow room for storage of additional learning material and other essential itineraries that, if left unarranged, may render the place disorganized. However, the cabinets should be 1-metre-high to allow access for the disabled.

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Hansen, N., Jordan, N. C., & Rodrigues, J. (2017). Identifying learning difficulties with fractions: A longitudinal study of student growth from third through sixth grade.  Contemporary Educational Psychology 50 , 45-59.

Orpinas, P., Raczynski, K., Peters, J. W., Colman, L., & Bandalos, D. (2015). Latent profile analysis of sixth-graders based on teacher ratings: Association with school dropout.  School Psychology Quarterly 30 (4), 577.

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