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Common Herbs Chart: St. John’s Wort

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Name of Herb and StudentTherapeutic UseCautions and Warnings or Side EffectsScientific Studies That Show Efficacy for Any of the Therapeutic Uses
St. John’s Wort 

It is used for conditions related to depression, including anxiety, appetite loss, and lack of sleep. 

It is also possibly effective for menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes. 

It is used to reduce the symptoms of somatization disorder. 

High doses of St. John’s wort consumption have been associated with different health complications, including: 

Reactions to sun exposure. 

Complication in pregnant women. 

Possible contributions to dementia and mental health illness. 

For people who have used this herb for over 6 months can develop heart complications during surgery. 

It might worsen symptoms of ADHD. 

People with depression may experience mania. 

It may cause psychosis. 

It may interfere with surgical procedure. 

Recent evidence shows that the use of St. John’s wort can lead to adverse effects when treating depression (Maher, et al., 2016). 

Research also shows that increased consumption of the herb can lead to hepatitis C virus resistance (Jackson, et al., 2014). 


Jackson, A., D'avolio, A., Moyle, G., Bonora, S., Di Perri, G., Else, L., & Boffito, M. (2014). Pharmacokinetics of the co-administration of boceprevir and St John's wort to male and female healthy volunteers. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy , dku060.

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Maher, A. R., Hempel, S., Apaydin, E., Shanman, R. M., Booth, M., Miles, J. N., & Sorbero, M. E. (2016). St. John's Wort for Major Depressive Disorder: A Systematic Review. Rand Health Quarterly, 5(4) .

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