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The Critical Importance of Children Vaccination

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In the recent past, the public has become increasingly concerned about vaccination and whether it could be harmful. Some have made claims that vaccination can be harmful and it can have negative side effects. This has resulted in several individuals choosing to opt out of vaccination programs. Evidence shows that while there can be side effects to vaccination, these side effects are usually rare. The side effects will not harm every individual that receives it. The analysis on the importance of vaccination shows that it is a critical initiative that can be used to save the life of a child. 

Vaccination can be defined as a method of introducing artificially obtained and modified bacterial and viral agents in the body to imitate a natural infection. The intention is for the body to create an antibody and thus boosts one immunity. This shows that one of the critical functions is to boost the body’s immune system. By boosting the body’s immune system, when one encounters a pathogen in the future, the antibodies in the body will prevent the individual from experiencing severe illness. Childhood vaccination has dramatically reduced the incidences of polio, measles, mumps, diphtheria, pertussis, and rubella in several countries all over the world (Franjic, 2018). This shows that vaccinations actually work and are a significant boost of one’s immune system and suppresses several other dangerous diseases. 

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Individuals that choose to opt out of vaccination have done so with regret. Lagoe and Farrar (2015) investigated American parents that opted out of measles, rubella, and mumps vaccination. The study established that there was anticipated regret since the parents did not have a clear understanding of the vaccination intentions and the risks that could be associated when one is not vaccinated. Parents that may not want to regret in the future regarding an illness that could possibly threaten the lives of their child should thus opt for vaccination. 

Many parents that are concerned about the safety of vaccination should understand that it is currently safe and effective. The current field of medicine has undergone significant improvements through several years of trial and error. The current generation of vaccines have been developed from knowledge that has been accumulated over the years to lead to vaccination that is highly safe. Parents should thus be comfortable by knowing that the vaccines are only given to children after it has been carefully reviewed by healthcare professionals, doctors, and scientists. Even though vaccines can involve a small element of pain and discomfort, the benefits as a result of the administration of the vaccine is much greater compared to the possible side effects. 

Vaccination should be considered as a top priority as it could save the life of a child. Vaccination prevents diseases that have killed thousands of children before. For instance, polio is an example of a disease that has had a negative impact on many children all over the world. Polio was one of the most-feared disease in the world and it had caused death and paralysis (“ Five Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child ”, 2018). However, vaccination has resulted in incidences of polio being rare. Vaccination is thus a way to protect one’s child and to improve their health status. 

In conclusion, vaccination is a critical initiative that can be used to improve the health status of children. One of the main concerns that parents have is that vaccination can have negative effects. However, parents should understand that this is rare and that the knowledge of medicine has advanced over the years and vaccines have become highly developed and advanced. There are several deadly diseases that vaccination can prevent. Most importantly, vaccination can save the life of a child and prevent them from having disastrous health outcomes. Vaccination should thus be a priority for improving the health conditions and health status of children. 


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