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Computer literacy

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The world of information technology is continuously going through a revolution and innovations are being made every day. Computer hardware has changed from big to small size devices that are easily portable. The future of hardware is expected to be more fragile as both hardware and software fight to keep pace (Management Association Information Resources, 2012). Computer market tends to seek lighter, comprehensive, and faster hardware. With the continuous generation of new computer hardware, users will find life to be much easier and great progress in business.

The current hardware application called COTS has been found to be reliable in revolutionizing the computer world. Use of COTS provide a platform for the software developers to come up with new products and gives a hardware platform that support custom hardware. The introduction of USB has served as a transfer equipment custom made to the hardware (Management Association Information Resources, 2012). Some of the COTS devices that have been introduced in the current era computers include wireless advances and XML protocol. Microcontroller is another new hardware technology that has been used in the automotive market.

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Compared to hardware trends, computer software has evolved at a faster rate. Linux for instance has greatly changed and its business has ground rapidly within a short time. The introduction of new IT software products by Amazon has boosted the growth in computer software. Data analysis tools have also continuously changed from simple applications such as excel to the current applications such as Python, SPSS, R among others.

The tremendous changes in both computer hardware and software may have significant impacts in our daily lives. In workplace for instance, there will be need to undergo training to assimilate the new software in the daily operations. Since almost all jobs today utilize a computer, the employees need to be introduced to the new developments every time they are developed. Similarly, schools will need to update their syllabus continuously to ensure that it is in accordance with the current technology (Molebash, 2000). 


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