16 May 2022


Concept of Information Literacy

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Information literacy is the ability of a person to recognize information requirements, choose the source, evaluate and apply it in an effective way. The way information is produced and disseminated determines the value of information value; it affects the way people are educated, informed and persuaded. Information is used to create new knowledge and allow people to participate in ethical community learning. The concept of information literacy is applied in the society in various ways. 

Some groups in the society are more literate than others. The way people select one source of information over another reflects the level of authority one has over another. Also, the level of information creation process varies from one person to another, thus leading to a variance in information literacy (Hisle, & Webb, 2017). People explore information in various ways, and this makes some source of information to be relevant while others to be irrelevant. 

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The society benefits from an information literate population. The safety of society is improved because people are aware of what has been done, for instance, avoid criminal activities. Information literacy allows people to evaluate information and make a sound decision that improves the standard of living (Naik, 2014). Besides, the education success of a society is enhanced since people can realize the importance of education and reading skills.

An information illiterate society suffers high levels of criminal activities that result from a population that has not been economically empowered. Also, people make wrong decisions that lead to high levels of conflicts and ethnic inequality. There is a high possibility of people sharing information that is not credible, and this causes a sense of panic in the society. 

My society values information literacy because people always make efforts to identify what is real and relevant to society. The community values education; hence, all parents in the society are encouraged to take their children to school. Additionally, people value the ethical use of information to avoid causing damages to other people. People should care about whether a society possesses information literacy skills because it determines the level of economic growth, crime levels, the spread of HIV/Aids and other diseases. 

In conclusion, the concept of information literacy is applied in the society in various ways. People apply the concept to create knowledge, educate and inform others. The level of information literacy varies among people in the society. The concept is beneficial in the society because it enhances safety, education and the living standards of people. An information literate society experiences high levels of crime, conflicts and ethnic inequality. 


Hisle, D., & Webb, K. K. (2017). Information Literacy Concepts.

Naik, M. M. (2014). Padmini. Importance of information literacy.  Int. J. Digital Lib. Ser 4 (3), 92-99.

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