15 Sep 2022


Concussions in Sports: How to Recognize and Treat Them

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Schools have been forced to increase the number of their athletic trainers due to the rapidly increasing cases of personal injuries during physical games. Most of the students experiencing injuries are boys even though girls also suffer but only in fewer cases. As more students get physical injuries from participating in school games activities, more parents and teachers have become aware of concussion safety. Hence, the latter results in the employment of various personnel to ensure that children engage in safe sports and act swiftly to curb the effects of any arising injuries. Thus, it is clear that there is adequate emphasis on sports safety to minimize the cases of concussions. 

The recent discussions about the issue of children's safety during sports-related concussions have led to various proposals on safety measures. First, the committees have agreed that the students who are participating in sports concussions should be provided with protective gears to prevent serious injuries. For instance, the students who play hockey are provided with helmets, knee pads, and other protective gears. This measure is observed in all sporting activities where students can experience physical injuries. Secondly, the participants are closely monitored by professional trainers who have vast knowledge and expertise in giving first aid to the injured persons. Numerous school administrations and parents have resulted in the employment of many athletic trainers because they are confident that the children will be well-monitored and receive efficient guidance in their sporting activities. 

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A recent CDC report has indicated that about 3.8 million cases of sports-related injuries are recorded every year. This is a huge figure that shocks the relevant authorities as more people develop physical complications due to injuries. Surprisingly, the majority of concussion victims admit that there was an athletic trainer when they got the injuries. As a result, the CDC has come out publicly to emphasize the need to improve the strategies of coaching of athletic trainers. 

In the year 2013, Ohio's lawmakers passed the "Return to Play' law which ensures that all sports participants are fit. The law is significant because it ascertains that all athletes are cleared by medical professionals before they can proceed to play. Most persons may physically appear to be fit until they are subjected to medical checkups where the signs of concussions are discovered. The majority of schools in the US use pre-testing services such as the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to ascertain that no participant is allowed into the field if he or she is unfit. The technic has played a significant role in reducing the cases of personal injuries during sports in learning institutions. 

Even though the relevant authorities have kept the emphasis on the issue of sports concussions, there are a bunch of additional measures to be taken. Minors are not allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks or other substances since their bodies are not fully developed. The same case should apply in school games since children under the age of 10 have weaker bones and tissues; thus, vulnerable to injuries. The majority of pediatricians are calling for this measure as a way of reducing concussions in the minor population in schools. The spotting authorities should review the sporting rules and do away with those that pose risks to the players. For instance; during soccer, the players can suffer severe head and neck injuries as a result of botched headers. Thus, the school football games should restrict the students against the trick to minimize the occurrence of injuries. According to the NAT (National Athletics Trainers), students should engage in particular exercises that strengthen their muscles to ensure that they are less vulnerable to suffer concussions as a result of sporting accidents. For instance, the rugby and American Football players are advised to engage in exercises that increase their body masses (flesh) to reduce the impacts of tackles. By observing these recommendations, the respective authorities will succeed in minimizing the cases of concussions. 

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