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Consequences of Intestinal Worms/Parasites

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Rob Dune claims in his book the world life of our bodies that human being at a time is better off with worms or parasite in the body. According to him, he sees that the hygiene hypothesis that has spread like a bush fire has little or no significance. To him, this assumption has one potential which is to increase the rate at which people are invaded by strange conditions such as Crohn's disease. The truth of this claim is hard to tell. The claim is based on unknown facts which seem difficult to account for. There are different proofs which suggest that the claim made by Rob Dune may not be correct. For instance, there are proven negative consequences of worms and parasites on the human being ( Acka et al., 2010). Moreover, these negative impacts have been tested and proven in the laboratory which means that they are scientifically certified to be connected to particular worms. Therefore to claim that we sometimes need worms in our body without acknowledging these adverse effects on the human body is entirely wrong. 

Rob Dune perception 

Dune has it that the hygiene hypothesis is misleading and may be factors behind the proliferation of the strange disease in human life. He suggests that this hygiene factor is tied to an autoimmune condition such as the Crohn's disease. Dune suggests a very strange solution to this issue. He suggests that we need worms in body which can be tolerated by the immune system. For instance, to suppress body hyperactivity, his suggestion is that we fill the gut with worms which the gut can tolerate ( Dunn, 2011). He further claims that conditions which attack the gut are often reduced in case the gut parasites are common. As a solution, he suggests that the industries should sell worms and their eggs; he again suggests that we should shy ways from visiting the washrooms on sandals and should just enter such places barefoot with hopes that we may get infected by worms since it will be to our advantage. To press his point, Dune majors on the human interdependence with other animals or species such as cows. He suggests that when animals such cows were domesticated, the human being mutation allowed us to develop the mechanism of digesting their milk. He further suggests that when the snakes developed venoms, human being mutated and developed a sharp vision to sport them before they attack. Hence, human being will develop the mechanism of having worms and parasites safely accommodated in the body. 

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Adverse consequences of worms 

As much as Dune stresses the importance of worms in the body, people should not be swayed by these claims. Worms in a human body are venomous on many occasions. The worms have been put under microscope and results of their analysis reveal adverse effects. Moreover, these infections are tied to many human conditions hence they should be avoided. This part of the paper present facts about adverse effects of worms which should be put into consideration before one even thinks of visiting a toilet without a sandal. 

First, parasites cause abnormities in the human body condition and functions. Worms for instance ringworms are the sole cause of abnormal peeling of the human skin when they attack. Alternatively, they cause hive and inching which can make one be embarrassed in public or gathering. Moreover, ringworms cause redness of the skin on the human body. These are effects which cannot be underestimated. Other worms are known for causing human skin inflammation especially when they get an opportunity to bite ( Nacher, 2011). These worms also cause irritation and blisters on the skin which can significantly have the skin damaged. Any spot on human skin not only irritates, but it also damages our reputation, causes embarrassment and stigma in the society. 

Other worms are a notorious source of organ functions complications. An invasive parasite or worms which happen to be moving out of the abdominal and the intestine areas affect specific organs in the human body. For instance, worms which are found in the heart typically cause a heart condition such as arrhythmias or heart failure in case the attack is severe ( Bundy et al ., 2013). Others such as the eye lesions are frequently tied to a loss of visions or blindness. Therefore it may not be right to claim that we can accommodate worms in our system. There is thousands plus an example of adverse effects of infections which prove that Dune statement should not be given consideration. A good example is cysts worms which have the potentials to increase pressure in the particular blood vessels when they invaded and grew on the body. This has a potential of blocking human circulation hence causing adverse effects ( Domke et al ., 2011). Lastly, worms such as the tape worms which have a potential of growing or expanding to extra-large size have adverse effects on the body. These worms can cause blockage of some critical body parts especially bile ducts, pancreases duct, intestine or appendix. 


The effect of worms in the body cannot be underestimated. Worms have been approved to be dangerous to the human system due to the adverse effects they cause in cases of attack. Dune has it that there is an interrelationship between the worms and a human body. His main claim is that we need worms which the body can tolerate and work comfortably with. He shuns away the issue of hygiene and argues that it me be the sole reason for the spread of autoimmune disease. However, worms are proven as shown in this paper to be dangerous to the human body. Therefore, they should not be given space. 


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