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Critical Factors in the Recruitment of FBI Special Agent - Cybercrime Division

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Cyber security is a new frontier that has refocused the FBI mission from crime prevention and investigation to national security, and has opened opportunities for more people to join the FBI agency as Special Cybercrime Agents. Significant gains have been realized from technological developments, but time has shown that these technologies can be vulnerable and can be exploited by criminals and terrorists to advance their objectives. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism are new phenomena that the federal government must address because they pose significant impacts to economy and national security. Computer related crimes have a multi-jurisdictional and nature and are highly sophisticated, thus the FBI Cyber Division agency is tasked with investigating incidents in this field. This is where the FBI Special Agents Cybercrime Division come into play.

Recently, I talked to one of my male cousins who is undertaking his first degree in computer forensics about their career plans and they revealed that they are motivated to work for the FBI. His argument was that being among the top performers in their class; they have higher prospects of being considered for the position of cybercrime special agent. The position draws its pool of personnel from the most qualified and talented information systems specialists. My cousin is motivated by the fact that the position will allow them to play a crucial role in protecting the country’s infrastructure, financial systems, businesses, and the public. In my opinion, the have good understanding of the skills and attribute needed for the position. This is in congruence with the declaration by Robert Anderson, Jr., executive assistant director for the Bureau’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch in 2014 that “The FBI seeks highly talented, technically trained individuals who are motivated by the FBI’s mission to protect our nation and the American people from the rapidly evolving cyber threat.” 

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However, working with FBI requires one to be subjected to the dynamics of human resource management, which according to Berman, Bowman, West et al. (2012) significantly shape the job conditions and environment. Over one and half decade ago, the 205 th session by FBI National Academy held a symposium recruitment, and the findings indicated that different sectors in the US, including law enforcement were grappling with low numbers of applicants. Fast forward to 2017, the situation remains the same especially in relation to the field of cybersecurity. According to Florentine (2016), employers face the challenges of findings good IT talent with the demand for such talent growing 12 times faster than the overall labor market. On the same note the FBI faces tough competition for cybercrime talent, evidenced by the agency’s own confession that they are the most sought after candidates. 

Owing to such abundance of opportunities for cybercrime candidates, my cousin is confident of securing a job with the FBI cybercrime division because of the emphasis on service motivated individuals in the recruitment process. FBI has the tendency to engage young and vibrant talent at entry level; it has the best projects, tools and technologies for attracting talent, does not rely on compensation alone, and is on the forefront in interacting with the cyber community. These strategies, according to Florentine (2016), have the potential to attract the best cybercrime talent. Therefore, my cousin is of the perception that a position with the FBI would provide access to an environment where they can nurture their talent.

The antecedents to successful recruitment are at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science and engineering of informatics, professional experience in the relevant fields, and work experience. However, I am of the opinion that given the low levels of talent in the labor market, my cousin is likely to be a beneficiary of FBI emphasis on entry-level candidates. The last and critical step in the recruitment is the submission of the application on thee available opening through the US jobs web portal.

The recruitment criteria and skill for cybercrime agents are explained by the FBI. A candidate must pass a rigorous background check and fitness test, aged between 23 and 37 years, and demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience in computers and technology, preferably in computer programming and security, malware analysis, digital forensics, database administration, and ethical hacking. Candidates may also be required to have certifications from different bodies. It is important to point out that the demanding nature of the job is evident in the functions to be performed by successful candidates that are not limited to:

  • Investigating data theft, corruption, and attempted infiltration using forensics
  • Interviewing suspected parties
  • Keeping up to date with emerging and developing methods of cyber attacks
  • Develop partnerships with leading stakeholders in creating security and analysis of malicious code
  • Identification and recruitment of talented counter intrusion talent
  • Maintenance of FBI and related agencies security systems

I am of the view that FBI recognizes the scarcity of cyber security talent and the technicality of the roles to be played by candidates. This is why the agency has harmonized its compensation schemes with the prevailing market conditions. Different cybersecurity companies have different remuneration packages that range from $50,000 to $150,000. The entry position for FBI cybercrime is at general schedule 10 (GS-10) paygrade with the potential to progress to higher levels of GS-14 or GS-15 as supervisors and executive levels. The levels in 2012 were as follows: GS-10: $45771-$59505, GS-14: $84697-$110104, and GS-15: $99628-$129517. The salaries are adjusted between 21.7% and 28.7% to reflect the cost of living, with other benefits such availability bonus (25%).

In my opinion, my cousin has high chances of succeeding as a cyber-security candidate with FBI. They are in a field that is growing fast with few potential candidates. The undertaking of a degree in computer forensics places them in a better position to acquire requisite knowledge and skills that candidates applying for the position need to have. Their motivation to serve their country and the public will ensure that they bring to the field crucial attributes and personality that will help in addressing the country’s national security needs, protection of business and financial systems, and members of the public from cyberattacks and crime.


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