8 Oct 2022


Critical Reflection and Comment

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Major concepts can be regarded in students’ learning and thinking processes. My point is that, there are so many assumptions connected to this. High degree of learning and thinking can never be unmeshed from levels of understanding as a group. Independent and/or multiple components are levels of learning that can be considered. Despite the fact that some students will find “Jigsaw” model interactive, this is just a matter of theoretical assumptions. It is indubitably correct without any reasonable doubt that students will always learn concepts in experiences both in schools and community not matter how theorists put it. According to Arons (1985), high level learning involves a variety of thinking processes and being able to grasp multiple variables in different environments as Davidson & Dunham, (1996) support.

An unreliable assumption that “a teacher acts as a facilitator in developing students’ self-esteem and not a dictator who just constantly drives home a point” is just an opinion. The scenario that a student is able to generate solutions to a problem is a sign of creative learning process of extreme learning concepts and rules. Divergent and convergent thinking by students to generate new ideas can be as well be reveal during class lectures only if a teacher is ready to offer chance to (Baker & Sato, 1992). Well articulation of the teacher’s explanations and observations by offering chance for student to answer his/her questions is enough to train the mind in making connections to produce solutions which slowly builds ones level of esteem.

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Considering this issue in another perspective, insights of research from reliable sources like books, magazines and articles other than students’ group engagements stimulates complexity which sparks the solution (Angelo, 1995). Providing insight solutions requires students’ readiness to synthesis, analyze and evaluate problems that just depending on group assumptions.


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