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Cultural Factors and Diversity in Psychology

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According to Bradley (2009), children require an environment that promotes their development. Children need a safe environment. A safe environment for children is a place supervised, and children protected from destructive elements. In this case, children require an environment that supports and implements a program’s curriculum and philosophy. The essay is going to highlight the various enriched environment for children that will positively promote their development. Further, the paper will discuss the movie “Fostering Cognitive Development (04:02)” based on the title “A History of Deceit.”

Enriched Environment for Children

First, children should be provided with an environment that is rich in experience. Indeed, children need to learn, experiment, and explore the world through direct experience as it gives them firsthand information about the physical world. Second, children need an environment that is rich in play. It is important as it integrates the experiences they acquire from the surrounding. Further, children should be provided with an environment that is rich in teaching. Teachers nurture, instruct and educate children new experiences. 

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Fostering Cognitive Development

Based on the video “A History of Deceit”, IQ was one of the commonly used tools used to rate intelligence. The idea of IQ test begun in the Ellis Island, the test was used on the immigrants who were entering America. The process was also used on controversial racism in the early 1960’s. The IQ test was used to exploit ethnic purity. The video makes a discussion on measuring intelligence rather than as a tool of exploitation. Therefore, to improve the IQ of our children, they should be taught creative problem solving which will foster curiosity and imagination in order to foster cognitive development. Therefore, children should be provided with an enriched environment for their development. In this case, the environment should be rich in stimulus to encourage cognitive, physical, and social develop. Further, the enriched environment we give our children will substantially contribute to an improvement in the IQ (Bradley et al, 2009).


Bradley, R. H., Caldwell, B. M., Rock, S. L., Ramey, C. T., Barnard, K. E., Gray, C., ... & Johnson, D. L. (2009). Home environment and cognitive development in the first 3 years of life: A collaborative study involving six sites and three ethnic groups in North America.  Developmental psychology , 25 (2), 217.

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