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Curriculum Recommendation: The Best Curriculum for Your Child

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When someone hears anything about curriculum, it is normal for his or her mind to divert and start thinking about education. That is good because thecurriculum is a terminology that is widely being used in the education sector. As long as there is a learning institution anywhere, it is a must that the institution has its curriculum. The curriculum is a word used to refer to the lessons and academic content that is being taught in a learning institution oran individual course or program. Many like to refer to the curriculum of the course being taught in school, but that is not always the case in those schools. However, the definition does not matter at all, whatever matters is the skills and the knowledge that the students are anticipated to have learned after finishing the curriculum. Curriculum entails learning standards or the objectives of education, the number of units that are supposed to be covered, and the number of lesson teacher are expected to attend. Also, the assignments and projects to be offered to the students, the books to be used, materials, videos, the presentations to be made the assessments to be given to the learners. 

There is a team that I am leading, and it has been given the mandate to come up with a specific curriculum to the new magnet school in my area for all the grades levels in high school. The team is supposed to come up with a curriculum that best suits everybody in that high school. The curriculum should also have some positive results to the students and as well affect the society positively. Moreover, the curriculum is supposed to be in a way that it aligns itself with the goals of the school. Then the curriculum should have a sound theoretical base that is useful and educative. 

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The school is not that bad because of how its population and the neighbors are situated and structures. The school is a good high school. Most of the individuals in that high school are of age sixteen to twenty. The diversity of the age is brought about by the difference in levels ofthegrade in the school. Also, the time the students were introduced to learning in kinder garden varies a lot. There are those who were taken earlier than the required time because of the first development rate; others were taken at the necessary time while others were taken later than the expected time because their growth rate is low. 

Their school also has multiculturalism. The multiculturalism is experienced ranging from the students to the teachers and also the administrators of that school. The students in the school come from various tribes. Therefore, they speak in different languages. However, that is not accepted because it isa regularschool, so they talk in the national language, English. That is to ensure there is anunderstanding among all the people in the school. There is also diversity in religion because there are Christians In the school as well as Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and pagans (do not believe in any religion). The race in the school is also different. There are whites, blacks and yellow students in the school, though the population of the white students is the one that dominates. The school comprises of both girls and boys. With all that description one is just suppose to apply his or her common sense and realize that the ethnicity of the students varies. 

The family situation of those students cannot be discussed at length. I can say that the students come from well of families. The students’ parents are those who can afford high school fees very easily. Moreover, the students are happy in the families. A greater percent of the students have both parents. The population of students who are being raised by single parents is not those so many, and the number of students that are orphans is negligible. 

The students have some individual academic achievements. All the students have gone through the Kinder garden learning and taught correctly. Done the exams and passed. Then they moved to the next level and studied properly. After which they moved to middle schools where now education started being a little bit stable. Those who were able to struggle and learn correctly they passed their assessment and then joined the high school. That is the position those students are now in. They are now getting their knowledge in high school. The institution is very strict with the performance of the students, so they just have to work hard. 

For a student o be successful in his or her learning, there are certain things that he or she must just put into consideration. One of the things that are mandatory for those who want to succeed is to put the correct attitude. Looking at those students, I can comment that the position of those students towards their school is relatively active. That is seen with the way the students react and behaviorwith things in the school. Though it is normal for students not to love school, those students are seriously trying. 

Their neighborhood environment of the school is also splendid. Starting with the geographical theme of that zone, I can say it is appealing. The type of landform around the school is a little bit hilly ( Doll, 2012). Thus there are very many trees around that place that provides good shading place for the villages and students. The type of soil in the area is very fertile and good for cultivation. Thus the people in the region participate in farming and rearing of livestock. The waterways are also not that so bad. Some tunnels are put in place to drain excess water in case of having rain. The tubes are connected to a river just close to the school thus ensuring there is a continuous flow of water to the school and its neighbors. Being that the geographical setting of the place is highly then it is usually that the climate of the place is fresh and wet. However, the coolness of the site is of standard thus cannot affect the students. Then the transport of the site is very safe. Some very smart tarmac roads are well drained, of high standards and they are highways. Moreover, there is a small airstrip around the school. 

The income levels in the region surrounding the school various in one way or the other because of the diversity of wealth distribution. The population of the upper-class people in that place is petite. They can be counted very easily because they are known by their names and their place of stay. Then we have the middle-class people. The class is always divided into two: the upper middle class and the lower middle class. The top middle class is the highest population in that zone. Their number is very high, and they are spreadall over the place. Then there are those lower middle-class people. Their population is not that so large compared to the upper middle class. The lower middle class can again be spat into the satisfied middle class and the struggling middle class. The number of people falling under the happy middle class is higher than the ones falling under the struggling middle class. There are no poor people in that place. Everybody who has attained the age of working in that location is working. 

Every individual in the world is always very keen with the issue of security. Before that school was established, I guess that was one of the things that the stakeholders of the school put into consideration. Crime is everywhere in the world, and it is something that it is inevitable because of how God created us. There are minimal offenses in the region. It is very rare to hear I crime was committed in that place. However, the common form of offenses that can be heardin that location is digital crimes that involve utilization of digital devices. The level of security is up to the standard. There is a police station nearby the school. 

The demographic detail of the place is also good for the school. The site is composed of majorly the youth. Those young parents are many in the place. The population of the old people is very few, and there is a place where they are always taken when they reach age seventy for better care. The children in thatlocation are also a bit high. The number of the youths is ten thousand. The number of the children is three thousand. The number of the older people is five hundred. The total population of the people in that place is thirteen thousand five hundred (Momeni, 2013). 

There are certain goals that the curriculum is going to have that will ensure high-quality education, student engagement, community involvement and cultural diversity. The initial aim of the curriculum will be to help the students develop social competence and problem-solving skills. The curriculum will be in search a way that it genuinely educates the students on the possible questions in the society. A problem is never a problem until when the person in the problem is unable to solve the problem. Therefore, the curriculum will be educating the students on the tips to solve those problems (Parkay. et. al., 2010). 

The other goal of the curriculum will be to promote social norms that impact the school, families involved and the community as a whole. The curriculum will ensure that it enlightens the students on the social norms. They will be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. After completing the curriculum, they will be aware of what is expected of them in the society and the whole world thus avoiding various troubles. 

The next goal of the curriculum is to promote the development of positive self-esteem and educate on how to control anger. The age group of people start knowing them and start to control their esteem is always the age group of people in high schools. The curriculum will be focusing on motivating the students so that they can be able to build up their esteem. Esteem is something imperative for a human being. The other thing is anger control. At this stage most of the students tend o be infuriated thus acting very foolish. Most of them always end up regretting their deed because they did it under anger. As a result, we so the curriculum will best suit them because it will be educating them on the issues of how to control their anger (Parkay. et. al., 2010). 

The next goal of the curriculum will be to educate the students to realize the impact of their actions and how to take the responsibility. Most of the students at this age always tend to blame people for their actions, they are the ones who are usually in mistakes, but they cannot accept their mistake. They will always pass their blames to other people and avoid taking responsibility. However, with this curriculum, they will be able to take up the responsibility after their action. The curriculum will equip them with the knowledge of handling their issues. 

The other goal of the curriculum will be to teach time and people management. The purpose of education is always to improve people’s life in preparation for the future. One of the key things for somebody to succeed in life is the ability to manage time properly. Time is always money and the time that is wasted can never be recorded whatever the situation that may be there. The curriculum will be beneficial to the students because it will help them learn the ways on how to manage time. The other critical issue in a human life is to lead people. It is expected that after acquiring the education one will go out there and leader people. So the curriculum will be giving them tips on how to manage those people so as to avoid conflict. 

The other goal of the curriculum is to ensure that there is respect for diversity thus allowing imagination to flourish thus developing a more tolerant society. That is how the community is going to be involved in the curriculum. That will be able to understand that in a healthy society it is normal for diversity to exist. When the difference is allowed people will come up with theirthoughts and peace of mind. As a result, creativity will be promoted leading to the development of the community. Moreover, the people in the community will learn the virtue of patience and tolerance. People will be able to tolerate one another thus living in peace and harmony (Parkay. et. al., 2010). 

The curriculum that will be able to meet the new school's goals will be life skills. Life skill is a curriculum that has a good theoretical base. The life skill curriculum is a curriculum that is led theoretically by the development model in a social way that strictly emphasizes the role of coming together of family, school, and peers in a particular age mores adolescent. 

The theoreticalbasis of life skill is related to the goals of the curriculum itself. The life skill curriculum is to help a person learn on how to acquire the skills of communication and group collaboration. Moreover, it pushes on analyzing options, making decisions and understanding why they make certain choices in life. Other than that, it helps them develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciate others. 

There are some assessments types that I would like to recommend because they fit the goals and theoretical basis of the curriculum.One of the fundamental issues in teaching and learning process is anassessment. The evaluation is necessary because it facilitates students learning and improving instruction. The assessments can take various forms. 

The first evaluation type that I will recommend is the formative assessment. The assessment will be of great benefit in some ways. The initialadvantage of this assessment is that it allows the teachers who are teaching that curriculum be able to monitor the students on a day to day basis. Through that, they will be able to gauge how the students understand whatever he or she is teaching. The students need to be successful, so the teach will modify his teaching so as to ensure they are prosperous. The assessment is also paramount to the students because they provide them with the timely, specific feedback that they are required to make adjustments in their studies. The assessment ill help the teachers see the accessibility of their lessons to the students. Then they will also be able to know what is relevant and what is not pertinent to the students. That assessment will be the heart of improving the teaching techniques. 

The next evaluation that I recommend is the summative evaluation. The evaluationis also referred to as assessment of learning. The assessment will be able to portray to the parents, teachers, and students themselves on how well every individual student has finished the learning tasks and activities. The principal purpose of the assessment is to indicate the student’s achievements. The report of the evaluation is always very useful but the problems that it does not have a high impact on learning. 

It is vital for the people to understand those recommendations that I have made. So the comparison of those to assessment is clearly outlined here. Foremost, the formative assessment is used on a continuous basis so as to provide a detailed feedback whereas the summative assessment is used to provide a periodic report. The formative assessment is not used as an achievement grade while the summative assessmentis used as a performance category (Baggett, 2016) . The formative assessment is again used to focus on improving because it checks at the previous performance whereas summative assessment is used to test if the student has learned or if the student has not learned. 

The final assessment that I would recommend is the assessment as learning. That is another useful assessment though not as complicated as formative and summative assessment. The evaluation is supposed todevelop and support the students met cognitive skills. The assessment will be beneficial to the student because it will help the students be lifelong learners. The evaluationhelps the student engage in peer and self-assessment thus they will be able to make sense of theinformation they get. They can, therefore, be able to learn to develop asense of ownership and efficacy. 

Al those three assessments will be of great value if they are utilized. The will be some positive result for usingthese evaluations. Then the assessment directly interlinks with the curriculum. The curriculum is very beneficial for all the grades in high school. 


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