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Customer Service within Hilton Worldwide

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6.0: Data Management (one paragraph to describe the following sections)

This section reviews customer data management for Hilton Worldwide. It explains the requirements of the CRM database which includes the number of people and transactions it can support. It also provides a comparison of different customer database management systems and gives recommendations on the best one. Lastly, it reviews different data mining techniques and how they would benefit the organization. 

6.1: Database Requirements (two to three paragraphs)

According to Penelope (2016), since 2007 Hilton Worldwide has expanded by over 50% and in 2015 alone it had over 140 million visitors welcomed to its 4600 properties worldwide. Also, in 2015 it took on about 100000 new rooms for development, this leads to the establishment of a global pipeline of 275000 hotel rooms. For this reason, it will be able to accommodate up to twice the number of visitors that it is currently accommodating. 

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Between 2012 and 2015, the occupancy rate of Hilton Worldwide dotes was at 74.6% according to statista.com. In 2013, it was the 3rd largest hotel according to its revenue which was 9.76 billion dollars. In 2014, its revenue increased by 10.5 billion which shows not only the growth of the hotel but also shows an increase in the number of transactions. 

Since Hilton Worldwide id fast growing, it needs a fast database that can manage its fast growing clientele as well as provide security for client and transaction information (Hilton Worldwide). 

6.2: Database Solutions

  Salesforce CRM HubSpot CRM Pipedrive
Contact Management Has a 360degree view of customers. Have access to customer data including history of communication, key contacts , and deals that they are involved in. It also enables pulling of customer social media data to get relevant information about what clients are saying about different products. It also enables worldwide collaboration as it gives chatter feed on every account and contact record. This feature also allows for preparation of client meetings while on the go.  It allows one to add a new contact and then creates a company record associated with your record is created. Data such as company industry, revenue, contact information and social media bio are created automatically. Ease of sending emails, scheduling meetings, recording and making calls, record sales activities and add new deals.

In the pipeline view, deals are categorized by sales stage. This feature allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities and refocus efforts accordingly.

The statistics tool is perfect for quickly getting to the heart of questions you ask every day. It shows you the health of your pipeline, and which stages need improvement. Apply relevant filters to access in-depth and personalized analysis of your sales pipeline, delivered in seconds.

Lead Management Enables conversion of leads into opportunities. By letting one know what marketing campaign a lead is coming from and have updated contact information. It also enables setting up of automatic scoring and routing of leads to ensure the correct people make follow ups on the leads. It enables tracking of campaigns in all channels. Enables automatic publication and tracking of emails, calls that are recorded, notes of sales and mentions online.  Pipedrive reveals areas in your pipeline where deals are needed. It has a to-do list and scheduling tool that is synchronized with Google calendar and brings deals to your attention.
Territory Management It enables creating of cloned territory models to explore various structures and scenarios. With this one only creates rules for assignments once and replicates them across many territories.  It enables one to create customized stages for deals that equal the sales process Simple customer tracking
Email Integration Enables syncing of Salesforce and Outlook, tracking of customer emails from any email application, make compiling and consistent customer emails. Track emails sent within hubspot, integrate hubspot emails with outlook and gmail.  Track emails sent within pipedrive, integrate pipedrive, emails with outlook and gmail.

For Hilton Worldwide I would recommend Saleforce as it scalable with a wide variety of services and features that the organization can benefit from. It has a Sales wave analytics tool that enables managers to have visibility on their pipeline, monitor their team performance and recognize opportunities to grow the organization. This tool has templates that provide in-depth sales dashboard. It has filters, charts, and groupings that provide real time view and drills down to specific data needed. 

6.3: Data Mining Strategies  Some of the data mining techniques that might benefit Hilton Worldwide are one, Association ruls. This will get data from the history of customer purchases or transactions and make predictions of what services they might require or purchase in the future. Two, Decision trees would be used to pin point predictor variables, interactions, nonlinear relations (Mirela & Valentin, 2008).

Data mini would help Hilton Worldwide to attract more suitable customers by understanding which people are most likely to buy its services and create strategic programs for marketing its services. It would also enable to increase its value proposition by offering those services that are desired by its customers. Data mining will also help in identifying customers that are likely to defect and the reasons as to why they may defect and from ideas for services that might help in retaining those customers (Mirela & Valentin, 2008).


Mirela, D. and Valentin, C. (2008 ). Improving customer relationship management in the hotel industry by data mining techniques. Academic Journal 7 (36): 34-45.

Penelope, W. (2016, January 28). 22 facts about Hilton Worldwide in figures | HotelierMiddleEast.com. Retrieved from http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/25934-22-facts-about-hilton-worldwide-in-figures/1/

Hilton Worldwide. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.statista.com/topics/1880/hilton-worldwide/

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