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Three Reasons for Project Failure

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Every organization in order to be successful, it is a must that it engages in certain projects which would help in boosting its operations. A project is a collaborative enterprise which is prudently planned for the purpose of achieving a specific goal within the business enterprise. Projects require proper execution and management among others so as to achieve success, otherwise it would be destined to fail. To avoid failure of a project, then it is important that project managers help in eliminating the errors which may arise and lead to failure. More so, if the project managers are not competent enough the project would head towards failure. Also, a project is deemed to fail if the planning scope is not clear enough to create a clear and distinct path for the project to follow. And then, there is the aspect of communication which is crucial to any project. There are numerous reasons why a project would fail, but the above three factors may be termed as the most critical to the success of a project. 

Having weak and incompetent project managers then it would mean that the risk management practices would be poor. Project managers are there for the purposes of ensuring that the project runs on smoothly. Project management is there to ensure that there would be the production of successful services and products. Poor project managers would mean that the project management processes would encounter hardships thus making the project itself to be unsuccessful. As a result, poor services or products will be delivered thus failure for the project. The goal of project management may also be impacted by the project team members as well as other parties which are involved in the specific project, all under the poor project manager. Project managers have to ensure that errors arising from the project are quickly managed and a solution given to ensure success. A poor project manager would, therefore, lack the appropriate skills to detect errors and opt for a suitable solution thus leading to the failure of the particular project. 

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In order for the project to be successful, then there is a need for having a good and strong project manager. Unlike a poor project manager, a good project manager would be highly competent thus well equipped with strong risk management practices. A good project manager would be able to adequately execute the project, address arising issues reactively, and at the same time approaching them in a proactive manner thus coming up with a plan for risk management. Coming up with such a plan would help in educating the project team as well as those involved in the project indirectly concerning the risks and benefits of certain undertakings thus help in achieving project success (Bisk, 2018). Poor project managers have poor project management skills, thus incompetent, while good project managers have great project management skills, thus highly competent; therefore employing good project managers would yield great project results thus success. 

Also, it is important to consider the project scope, without it the project may fail. In any project, there must be a scope involved to ensure success. Without a good scope document, it is an assurance that the project will fail. A project scope helps in assigning tasks to the project team members as well as monitoring the project team performance (Hasan, 2016). A project scope makes it easier for the project to be well managed by the project manager from all angles simply because it enables the manager to clearly note whatever is needed and not needed in achieving success (Cherrett, 2017). Having a good and well-detailed scope highlighting all the requirements of the stakeholders is imperative, especially towards the success of the delivery of the project since it provides a better understanding to the project team members concerning what is required of them setting a strong path as well as objective they should achieve (Hasan, 2016). Scope covers all the things that would be done as well as those which will be avoided. Having no scope or a poorly drafted one would result in bundles of problems within the project. 

To ensure that the project successfully achieves its required purpose, then it is important to ensure that a well-detailed scope is created. With a good and well-detailed scope, the project is bound to benefit in a number of ways. Some benefits of having a scope include easy planning processes, arising issues would be easily dealt with thus answering the entire questions arising about them, there would be a cleaner progress reporting, and submission of funding requests would also be made easier (Cherrett, 2017). In order to minimize the probability of project failure, then it is important that a project scope which clearly defined and changes less frequently be at hand. Failure to this, a major threat would be possed to the project success since project teams and their respective project managers would have difficulties delivering the project successfully. It is important that managers consider the significance of a scope before starting their projects simply because it would help them in defining the parameters of the project. For an organization to ensure that its projects are successful, it is a must that it comes up with a project scope which would help in meeting deadlines. Also, the project scope would help in managing the project well, thus delivering the project successfully (Røberg, 2017). 

Then there is the aspect of communication which is very critical when it comes to ensuring the success of the project. The communication between project drivers and project managers as well as stakeholders increases the chances of the project being successful. Without communication between the project manager as well as the team’s involved both directly and indirectly on the project would lead to failure. Without proper communication between those involved in the project, then it would mean that in case of a warning sign about the coming danger taking action may take longer or would be ignored. Poor communication and failure of projects are one thing; many projects which have failed to deliver is because the responsible team’s ignored the aspect of communication (Hasan, 2016). Without open communication, meeting deadlines could be a challenge to the project. Projects have specific timetables which they consider at all times, the project teams remaining informed at all time will be crucial to them delivering on time. Without the needed communication, then it is very difficult for the project team and others involved in it to avoid problems and prevent them from occurring. If the communication is inconsistent, then it would mean that failure would be inevitable. Communication helps the project to prosper simply because it provides room for the teams involved to share ideas as well as techniques which are critical to the success of the project. Without communication, the project team, as well as stakeholders, remains wondering on what step is supposed to be taken, the decision to be made and the progress so far (Čulo & Skendrović, 2010). 

To ensure that the project succeeds, there is a need for adopting new techniques and communicate. If the project teams and others involved in the project change their communication habits success can be easily gained. Changing the communication habits will lead the project towards success. To ensure the project’s success, it is important that more information, including the goals, expectation, status, needs, purchase requests, reports, and budget among others be clearly communicated to the responsible teams (Čulo & Skendrović, 2010). Just like blood flows through the parts of the body, it carries with it oxygen thus sustaining life. Similarly, communication and projects are like blood and oxygen, as the project continues communication must be present and constant at all times since it is the projects lifeblood (Čulo & Skendrović, 2010). In addition, just like the heart is responsible for the distribution of blood to the rest of the body, project managers are expected to be responsible and circulate information continuously throughout the project time to all those directly and indirectly linked with the project. Communication is responsible for covering the effective conversation as well as information understanding between the involved parties. To ensure that the project does not fail, but succeeds, then it is a must that effective communication be embraced, which is vital in ensuring the success of the project (Čulo & Skendrović, 2010). Projects are directly impacted by communication, therefore adapting to effective communication would eliminate failure thus leading to the project’s success. 

There are numerous reasons why a project would fail, but the above three factors may be termed as the most critical to a project's success. Poor managers are incompetent and would lead to the project failure. Project managers need to be most competent to be able accurately and adequately manage the project so as to give the most desired result. Then, it is important to ensure that a project scope is kept at hand, without it, the project would lack direction and eventually fail. A project scope is important as it helps in defining the parameters of the project thus delivering the project successfully. And then there is the aspect of communication. Communication is very vital to the success of the project. Without communication, the progress of the project would be hampered since the project teams would be left in wonderland thus leading to failure. Communication helps in sharing ideas among the project members, thus increasing its chances of succeeding. With effective communication, understanding between the involved parties in the project would be uplifted thus leading to its success. 


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