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Data Integrity Constraints

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Data integrity means the completeness and correctness of data in a database warehouse. To implement data integrity, one has restricted or constraints data values, which users may insert, update or delete in a database. These integrity constraints offer the mechanism for making sure that data matches to guidelines underlined by the database manager. Constraints are of significance in ensuring data cleanliness through verifying that data within database conforms to the fundamental level of data correctness and consistency, preventing entry of irrelevant data. Also, constraints may serve in various aspects of the optimization of the query. They are more specifically relevant in query rewrite on materialized views. 

Constraints must be close to database data more often. However, the developer has to think about what if he wrote his constraints in code, in future, he wants to change to a different platform or language, and he encounters an error within that limitations. It would be devastating. Things such as primary keys, foreign keys, constraints are applied broadly. They have been employed for over 30 years up to date. They are not junk but in particular, scenarios they are simply not manageable. 

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For instance, whether a developer was Google, he cannot simply depend on the relational model to provide answers for milliseconds. Therefore, considering requirements such as stability and speed, developers often duplicate data; they do not apply primary keys or establish relationships. However, they only use when looking something in particular and when they understand what they will lose through performing it in that manner. In the end, developers beliefs that relational model is simply a model and a means of representing something. It is a successful means, but not a god sends, therefore, in certain cases there is the need for it to be compromised. 

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