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Laptop vs. Tablet: Which One to Buy?

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Technology has facilitated an increase in the development of highly innovative devices that are used for various purposes in different industries. The communication and media sector is one of those that is bombarded with immense numbers of devices due to the high demand for quality, efficiency, speed, and glamor among many other reasons. Among these devices are the laptops and the tablets. 

Key factors to consider before purchasing a Laptop or a Tablet 

Different consumers have various needs hence will consider purchasing a gadget that will 100% meet their needs. On the contrary, there are major factors that all users put into consideration before buying either a laptop or a tablet. For instance, the price is one of the most considered factors since different consumers have specified budgets for what they need. Laptops compared to tablets are more costly despite the variety of brands available. Battery life is one of the most important factors for convenience while using or when out of power. Other significant factors include the operating system, the size, hardware features, performance, weight and the capacity of the hard drive among others. 

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Features of a Laptop and a Tablet 

It is the features of a laptop and tablet that profoundly determines the rate of their demand and sales. Among the three key features are the processor, hard drive capacity or storage, and durability. The processor is considered the brain of the gadgets hence it determines their performance. Performance is an element that most consumers look into because time is a crucial aspect of our operations. According to Ben Taylor (2014), computer processors are either of cores or gigahertz (GHz) components. The higher the specifications of the processors, the faster the computer device, hence the preferred Processors are from Intel. Other types of processors include Celeron, Pentium, Phenom and Athlon. 

Storage is a vital element in computer devices because of the space needed to keep a consumer’s files and documents. The storage is represented by the hard drives memory or the RAM. Moreover, the speed of the device is also determined by how big the memory is. Hence, the efficiency and speed of the programs or software in the devices solely relies on the amount of memory in the gadget. 

Durability just like any other product is an element that plays a significant role in determining the worth of the price allocated. Laptops and tablets have high chances of breakage and tampering of its elements like the screen, the keys among other features. Therefore, the ability of a device to withstand certain stresses increases its chance of sales in the market. 

Best Selling Tablets 

As mentioned earlier the market is filled with numerous devices, but it is their functionalities that determine their sales. The best-selling tablets as highlighted by Matt Swider (2017) include Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, iPad Pro 9.7 and Google Pixel C. All the three gadgets have combined features that contribute to them being ranked top. From sleek designs, fantastic keyboards and high performance these designs are great alternatives to laptops. Among the three, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 earns more credit from the rest because of it’s beyond time innovation on the screen. Besides its weight of 429g, a high screen resolution, a large storage of 32GB, RAM of 4GB and high-quality cameras among others the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a high spec featured type of Android tablet of it time hence is recommendable for purchase. 


The tablet and laptop are computerized devices that have given communications, accounting, and other essential operations an ease in running various activities. Depending on the client’s preferences, some of the key factors to be considered are price, speed performance, storage, durability, size and operating system. While the laptop has increased features of than the tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 can be used as an alternative to laptops due to its high features. 


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