30 Aug 2022


Development of Moral Values

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The school curriculum is tailored to fit different needs in the society but rarely addresses the teaching of moral values for students. I agree that schools should teach moral values as part of their curriculum as these values will enhance the development of the student in all aspects of their lives. The values developed and nurtured inform the kind of people the students will grow be and the quality of relationships they will form. Actions and behaviors of students in the media paint a picture that as a society, school curriculum cannot be complete without the teaching of values and entrenching the value system in it. These values will prepare students for their future roles in the society, help them to counter negative influence, and help parents who are unable to impart these values because of some factors. 


Many values are taught through the television ads. However, some of these values, especially negative values can potentially harm good morals in a student. The ads on television teach courage, resilience and other good attributes that one can possess. However, most of these ads try to give an exaggerated view on many values in the community. For instance, an ad promoting the sale of condom may be good for the right audience but harmful to students who may think that it is meant to glorify sex as pleasurable and good for everyone. 

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I believe that the media must account for the values it teaches through the television. When ads and programs show inappropriate scenes and motion pictures, they need to ensure that such content is protected from the students so that values are nurtured in the community. The value system must start working right from the school curriculum. 

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