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Did Christianity Bring About Justice Through Crusades?

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Crusades trace their history back in1905 after Pope Urban II requested the Christian armies to go to war to rescue the holy land which is believed to be a Christian territory from the Muslims forces (MacEvitt, 2008). A general definition of crusades is primarily the religious war carried out by the Latin Church between the 11th and 15th centuries; therefore, the Crusaders are the Christian armies that fought the several religious wars. From the above description there is a contradiction that is arising from the Christian actions to go for war, Christianity encourages peace and unity and also peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and forgiveness rather than using war. 

Research question 

Christianity is based on strong principles of promoting peace, justice, forgiveness, and loving their enemies, but from the above description, did Christianity bring about justice, with effective conflict resolving strategies and finally did the Crusaders intervene appropriately to the war? 

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Crusades started in 1905 with the aim of capturing Jerusalem, to reduce paganism, protecting Christians in a none- Christian land such as a Muslim-dominated nation, gaining political advantage and finally helping the various Roman Catholics groups in resolving their differences. The war brought about suffering and death to many people among them the Jews (MacEvitt, 2008), this was injustices and also the Crusaders went against the church teaching that considers life as precious and a gift from God. On the matter of forgiveness, the crusades failed to bring about unity after sacking Constantinople in the fourth crusade. Despite the adverse effects of the movements, the literature indicates that it enhanced coherent existence in Western Christendom,   feudalism , and   militarism (MacEvitt, 2008). Finally, the Crusaders used inappropriate strategies to claim their territory and protecting the Christians oppressed in none-Christians regions. There are better ways of resolving conflicts such as using law and negotiations, but instead, the Crusaders went into war. 


MacEvitt, C. H. (2008).   The crusades and the Christian world of the East: Rough tolerance . Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 

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